June 23, 2010

Father's day/Toy Story 3

On Father's day we decided to take Makayla to her first movie in the movie theater and what else did we see but Toy Story 3. Toy story 2 is her favorite movie so we have been so excited for her to see this movie. We made it a family event.

Makayla with Daddy and Grandpa
Walking in
Holding her ticket
Picking out her snack
Sitting in her own seat
eating her popcorn
and a pretzel.
I think she had a great time. She was not as interested in the movie as I thought she would but I have to say I don't think it was as good as Toy Story 2 though it did make me tear up a little! Makayla was a little squirmy but for her first time she did pretty good.
After the movie we went back to my mom's and enjoyed a smoked chicken and pork shoulder that they cooked on Grandpa's new smoker. We relaxed an enjoyed our day together. Though I did miss seeing my Dad at least we got to Skype that morning!
Hope you all enjoyed your Father's day.

June 21, 2010

Busch Gardens

Last Friday we went with my Sister and the Kids she Nanny's for to Busch Gardens. If you buy a day you can go back all year! How awesome is that! Makayla loved it. We stayed all day and had a great time. They have a new Kid area just for toddlers and it was perfect. She is so independent now that it was great to be able to let her do things on her own. She went jumping on a huge bounce thing!
Saw some of these crazy animal characters
Rode the swings TWICE!!! That was her favorite part

Drove the cars
And just had a great time. She was really good that day and we can't wait to back. Glad we get to go back all year for FREE!!!