March 31, 2011

30 days and counting

I only have 30 days left of my 20's!!!
I am 30 days away from turning 30!!!
How did this happen???
30 to me always seemed like a life time away…I know age is just a number and your only as old as you feel and all that crap. But still where did the time go? I am proud of what I have become over my last 30 years and I know that the next 30 will only hold more excitement, love, new chapters, and achievement! But still 30 really? 30? I still can't quit wrap my head around it.

There are so many things I want for my next 30 years but for now I am going to live up the last 30 days of my 20's before its time to step into the 30's. I am so proud to have so many good friends turning 30 with me it makes it that much easier. Cheers to the next 30 days!!!

March 20, 2011

Dinner set for a princess

This last trip we took to disney was extra special. We got the opportunity to eat dinner at Cinderella's table! If you have ever been to Disney you might have seen the little girls dress as princess with there hair and makeup done. They have a place called the Bibbidi bobbidi boutique where little girl can do and get the full princess experience ….well Makayla is still a little young for that and I think its WAY to expensive for some hair spray and lip gloss… we decided to have our own little boutique in the RV. Makayla loved being all dress up and looking like a princess!
With daddy
Riding the boat to dinner with Mommy
With Cinderella

They give all the kids magic wands to make a wish with…Makayla decided to beat her mother with hers.
The little mermaid
Snow white is her favorite… she was absolutely speechless when Snow white came to her table. They talked about the dwarfs, and goose berry pie, and how beautiful Makayla was and how her dressed matched Snow white's. She must have spent over 10 minutes chatting with Makayla and she was in aww the entire time! It was an experience we will never forget.
It all wrapped up with a make your own Ice cream sunday.

They all lived happily ever after!!!!

March 18, 2011

Face painting

We recently took a weekend trip to Disney and much to our surprise Makayla wanted to get her face painted. We have tried to get her face painted many time before and she always freaks out but this time she was insistent about it. She sat so still and was a perfect angel while she got a glittery butterfly painted on her face!
Sitting so perfect
The details
Sitting VERY still
She was so proud and she didn't mess it up all day!
What's a better place to get your face painted for the first time then Disney? In Makayla opinion KNOW WHERE!