March 5, 2012

Minestrone Soup

Are you on Pintrest??? The most addictive thing ever? I keep finding yummy recipes and ideas and I keep pinning them to my boards and don't look back…well this week I looked back. I made my entire breakfast and dinner menu from Pintrest recipes.  This is the first one and WOW it is amazing. 
This is not the original recipe I changed mine a bit you can get the original here  she has so many AMAZING recipes I am sure you will enjoy! 

Crock Pot Minestrone Soup 
(I made mine on the stove top not in the crock pot)
Gina's Weight Watcher Recipes
Servings: 6 • Serving Size1 1/2 cups • Old Points: 4 • Points+: 5
Calories: 215.7 • Fat: 0.7 g  Protein: 8.7 g  Carb: 42.0 g  Fiber: 6.7 g   
this info is for the original recipe….I didn't use the pasta but I added turkey meat balls
This is my version of the ingredient list
  • 1/2 onion, chopped
  • 3 carrots, chopped
  • 3 celery stalk, chopped
  • 2 garlic cloves, minced
  • 1 (28 oz) can diced tomatoes drained
  • 2 (15 oz) can white beans, drained, rinsed (cannellini & navy)
  •  fat free chicken broth 
  • 1 oz chunk of good Parmesan cheese rind
  • 2 tbsp chopped fresh basil
  • 1/4 cup chopped fresh Italian parsley leaves
  • salt and fresh pepper
  • 2 medium zucchini, chopped
  • 1 medium yellow squash chopped
  • 1 bunch of swiss chard
  • mini turkey meat balls
  • cooked pasta (I did not use pasta)
  • extra parmesan cheese to top (extra pts)
Rinse and drain beans and tomatoes

(I did not use the crock pot I just cooked it on the stove but you can do either way. Just save the meat balls and zucchini and squash until the end either way.) 

 On the stove top…. combine broth, tomatoes,  beans, carrots, celery, onion, garlic, herbs, Parmesan cheese rind, salt and pepper and let cook for about 45 minutes. Chop and stir in the swiss chard, about 10-15 minutes before you are ready to eat drop in the uncooked meat balls and let simmer (try not to stir to much it will break up the meat balls, then chop and stir in the zucchini and squash. Just push them down into the soup try not to stir.  The squash doesn't take long only about 5 min.  Then serve with shaved parm on top.

In a crock pot, combine broth, tomatoes, pureed beans, carrots, celery, onion, garlic, herbs, Parmesan cheese rind, salt and pepper. Cover and cook on low for 6 to 8 hours. Forty minutes before the soup is done cooking, add zucchini and swiss chard. Cover and cook 30 more minutes. Add cooked pasta, cook 10 minutes more. Remove parmesan rind and season to taste with salt and black pepper.Ladle soup into bowls and top with extra parmesan cheese.

This may be one of the best things I have ever made! Its so hearty yet low in fat and calories. Make ate a big bowl and asked for more!!!  Hope you enjoy!