March 31, 2013


This is March catch up with A LOT of pictures. 
Jackson and I at home depot. Spent alot of time here is March and April. We redid our spare bath and front room. 

My little leprechaun on St. Patty's day

Makayla Started Soccer 

We went to a birthday party! 

St. Patty's day crafts 
I made homemade play dough the kids LOVED it
I think they played with it for over an hour

We made rainbows out of fruit loops 

Makayla working hard!
I made a traditional Irish dinner of Corned beef, potatoes,  cabbage, peas and all the fixings! It was wonderful! 

Crappa had some time off work this month so we all got to spend a little extra time with him over Spring break! We visited a park more then once! 

Taking a break on the bench! 

Same park different day 

The Easter bunny came to visit Makayla at school! Any guesses on who is inside the bunny suit? Oh the things we do for our kids! 

So excited to have us in her class! 

Makayla and Jackson with the Easter bunny 

At the Ice-cream party 

Even Crappa came! 

We celebrated Shea's birthday 

We visited a different park on Daddy's day off

We love finding new parks and new adventures 

Jackson opening his Easter gift from Paw Paw! 

He loved the eggs that looked like balls 

We visited the zoo

We had a glow in the dark easter egg hunt…well many actually! 

We left carrots, and a cookie, and an egg for the easter bunny 

The Easter bunny spoiled them with a basket full of goodies 

He even left his glittery foot prints 

The Kids so excited to find an egg trail leading to there baskets 
 For Easter sunday we went to my moms and had a crawfish boil. We had a wonderful day! The kids loved playing with the crawfish as this is the first time they saw them. We had a day filled with family, easter egg hunts, love, crawfish, and laughter. You couldn't ask for a better day

We ended the day with a walk on the beach at the little park behind my moms house. It was the perfect ending to a great day!!!