August 29, 2009

All before Breakfast

This last week Steve and I have spent our evenings digging, pulling , raking, and removing all of the old dead grass from our front yard. Apparently we had GRUBS! Ewww gross I know. After we removed the old dead grass we treated the yard for the grubs and ants. Ahhh bug free soil that was begging for new fresh grass. So Saturday morning Steve, his dad, Makayla and I woke up to a fresh pallet of grass. (Really M and I woke up to the pallet of grass, the boys went early and got it and brought it back.)
We put on our yard clothes and got to work. (I didn't get the chance to take before pictures so this is as close as its going to get. Sorry)

Before ALL the grass was put down.
Even Makayla was helping.
Playing in the sprinkler after all the grass was laid.

She was not thrilled with the sprinkler after it got her in the face.
All finished. Look at the beautiful new grass that covers our front yard.
Makayla is very proud of her hard work.

Our workers after it was all finished.
Don't they all look so happy!

(And YES I did help but no one wanted to take my picture.)

Saturday morning we laid an entire front yard with new grass, Makayla played with sidewalk chalk, balls, and her water table (we were keeping her busy) watered the new grass, played in the sprinkler, cleaned the garage, and driveway, and sidewalks, from all the mud. Got our selves cover with mud, Showered and cleaned the floors inside (from all the mud being tracked in) all this before we even ate breakfast. Ahhh what a accomplishing Saturday morning. I think we will relax tomorrow and go on the boat! What do you think?

August 24, 2009

Tickle Your Taste Buds Tuesday X 2

Fresh Fruit Salad
As summer is coming to an end and school is beginning for some. We are taking in these last days of summer sunshine. BBQs with friends, and relax before the rush of the fall and holidays begin. I found this quick and easy recipe and changed it up with the fruit I like. It is perfect for an after school snack, a side dish for a BBQ, or just a yummy treat.
Remember you can change the fruit to what ever you like. This is just the fruit I used.

1 apple
1 pear
1 peach
1 kiwi
20 grapes

Cut up all the fruit in bite size pieces, and toss with lemon from half a lemon.

1/2 cup -1cup of low fat vanilla yogurt (depending on how much fruit you have)
honey (to taste)
Mix together these 3 and pour the mixture over the fruit and toss.

It is so good. I hope you enjoy it has become a huge hit here at our house!

Ohh but wait there's more!

Spicy Ranch Pretzels

Since the first recipe was so easy I decided to do 2 in 1 day. I know you are super excited! This one is super easy too.
1 bag of pretzels (sometimes I use the no salt ones)
1 packet of ranch dip mix
1/2 cup of canola oil
1 tsp-1tbsp red pepper flakes

Dump the pretzels in a bowl with a lid. Pour on the oil and toss the pretzels, sprinkle the ranch, toss really good until they are all coated,sprinkle the pepper flakes, toss again.
Cover tightly and toss every now and then through out the day. Keep tossing over the next few days but you can start eating them as soon as they are all coated.

HINT they get HOTTER as they sit. So if at first they don't taste hot enough give them a day or so and they will be perfect.

These are yummy and easy and a great snack.

Do you have a recipe you want to share? Email me at slbower(at)gmail(dot)com, or leave me a comment below. I am always looking for new recipe ideas. Let me know if you try this one or you have a suggestion.
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August 17, 2009

What have we been up to?

We have daily visits by a Heron that we named Blue. And yes I know he is white. He shows up in the late afternoon and hits his beak knocks at the door. I started by throwing him blueberries, and cheese which he didn't eat. After throwing him a few other things he didn't like he now settles for hot dogs or tuna fish. Makayla stands at the door and says "quack quack" the entire time he is having his dinner.
It is really cute to watch her get so excited when Blue shows up.

Makayla plays in her new water table.
Sometimes she plays shirtless, just because it's easier that way.
She is now taking a music class on Tuesday mornings. Which she enjoys so much. She goes and gets the sticks or bean bags when prompted and brings them back. She dances to the music and gives the frog high 5's. It is so much fun to watch her interact with the other kids and follow directions. She is really becoming a big girl and it is so much fun watching her grow and develop.

We finger paint, color, play play dough, and use markers on rainy days.

We play in her ball pit.

Now that I am working I seem to have so much less time in my week. I know I am only working 2 days a week but it seems like Monday and Tuesday I am playing catch up and Friday through Sunday I am spending every moment with Makayla. I really like my new job and I am settling in nicely. The being the "new girl" is already wearing off and I am into a routine. It is really nice to get out of the house a bit and have some adult time. I miss Makayla like the crazy all day but I know she is in good hands and has a blast with My mom, sister and Steve. She is really starting to become a daddy's girl which I love.

We have also been spending Sundays in the park having picnics, dinners and Grandmom and Grandpa's and swimming in the pool. We have been doing a lot of family activities and finding things to let Makayla expel her energy.
Not to mention it is Big Brother (BB) season and that takes up my evenings 3 nights a week. For those of you that know me, know I am obsessed with BB.
I hope all is well with everyone. I am trying to get better at staying on top of the blog. Thank you for understand as I am adjusting to our new schedule.

So that is about it for us. What's new with you? Leave me a comment and let me know.

August 11, 2009

Tickle Your Taste Buds Tuesday

Oven Baked Salmon

I made this recipe up myself. It is a favorite in our house. I made it last Saturday and gave it to Makayla for the first time and she loved it. After every bite she kept asking for more. I serve it with roasted garlic couscous and roasted asparagus. You have to try this one. It is easy and really yummy.

Serves 2-4 adults

1lb or so of Salmon with skin
2 green onion stalks
2 garlic cloves crushed
1-2 TBSP teriyaki

1-2 TBSP Dijon mustard
zest and juice from ½ an orange
salt and pepper

I cook my salmon in a pampered chef bar pan you can also use a cookie sheet

Drizzle a little evoo on the bar pan
rinse salmon and pat dry
put fish skin side down on the Bar pan
s&p the salmon

In a bowl

crush the garlic cloves
slice the green onions
zest and squeeze the orange
mix with the teriyaki and mustard
I add a little chopped up jalapeno if I have one
You can add any other spices you like. Curry is also good.
Whisk all of this together and pour over the salmon
bake for 30-45 minutes at 350 depending on the size of your fish.

We like ours a little rare. The whiter the fish becomes the more it is cooking.

After you take it out of the oven let it sit for 2-5 min and then slide off the skin and serve. Like I said above we serve it with couscous or rice and green beans or asparagus.

We always have left overs and I am not a fan of reheated fish so what do I do with the left overs. I make salmon spread. Depending on how much I have left I use about a half a block of the 1/3 less fat cream cheese and mix it with the salmon. I pull apart or "fork" the fish and mix it up like "chicken salad" . You can add avocado or extra green onions. Anything you think will be yummy in there.

I eat it with wheat thins or Ritz crackers. Whatever you have or whatever you like. You can also eat it in a sandwich. Hope you enjoy.

Do you have a recipe you want to share? Email me at slbower(at)gmail(dot)com, or leave me a comment below. I am always looking for new recipe ideas. Let me know if you try this one or you have a suggestion.
Did you miss out on a past recipes? Just click on the picture at the top of this post or in the right side bar and you can see them all. Give one a try tonight there are some good ones! Make sure to check back every Tuesday for a new recipe and don't forget to let me know if you try one.

August 9, 2009

Just her size!

A few weeks ago Makayla got a new couch from Grandmom. Look how cute she is on it. It is just her size. We finally put away the boppy which offically makes her a BIG GIRL. She sits on her couch to drink her milk and watches her cartoons. She moves her couch up against the big couch and climbs onto the big couch and trys to run from us. She is crazy to say the least. She is now not only walking but running and climbing on everything.
The dogs took over her couch and she was not happy
I love this face It Unfolds to make a bed with a sleeping bag. It is so cute
Check out that cheese ball smile
Molly and Makayla in the cage together. Molly was telling her to get the heck out. Makayla was not listening. They both made it out ok.Such a big girl now. We finger paint and draw with markers and crayons she is still learning how to use them correctly but she is getting there. MMMMM CrayonsShe sits at the table and eats off of her plate all by herself . She was enjoying a plate of pancakes and blueberries and of course it has to be served on her Mickey Mouse plate.

August 8, 2009

Swimming Graduation

After 2 wonderful and exciting months of swim lessons our good times had to come to an end. Makayla had her first graduation ceremony. She can turn around and get the wall, swim a good 8-10 feet, dive in, climb out, and float on her back. I was surprised and amazed at her skills by the end of the lessons. She also made a new friend Odie they were obsessed with pointing out each others face parts like eyes and mouth. They would get so excited to see each other. It was really cute. Makayla had her first crush.
Doesn't she look like such a big girl now? No more baby!

August 6, 2009

A magical birthday weekend...

On July 26th we don't only get to celebrate 1 birthday but 2. My mom and my Sister were born on the same day. Where is the best place to turn another year older? Why Disney of course! Why? because it's free this year on your birthday. We left early Saturday morning in he camper and headed East towards Orlando. We had a Delicious dinner at Fulton's Crab house in Downtown Disney then walked around Downtown Disney a little while Makayla tried to con her Grandparents into buying her new toys.
The Girls at the birthday dinner. (M would not look at the camera)

The next day on the 26th we had a girls Birthday trip to Epcot. Makayla got to meet Mickey Mouse again and a few other characters. She was not as excited this time once she got close but as long as one of us was holding her she was fine. She did give them all kisses though.
It was a VERY rainy day but that didn't stop us. While everyone else in the park waited the rain out in the buildings we threw on our Disney Ponchos and weathered the storm like a true Disney fan. Makayla was such a good sport about wearing her poncho and she had to be the cutest thing I have ever seen. Don't you think?We did stop inside for a little bit to do some of the fun activities that Epcot has to offer. There was this really cool music room where when you stepped on an instrument it lit up and and the sound from the instrument played above you. We really enjoy this. We also played a Piggy bank game that Makayla LOVED the pig so much and didn't want to give it back. You can see those pictures HERE and the rest of our day at Disney.
When the rain finally stopped we went back outside and found some ducks. Makayla can say "duck" and "quack quack" so well now. So we spent almost 20 min feeding the ducks Teddy Grahams while Makayla quacked back at them. She really enjoyed this part of the day.
Another highlight to our day was the soda room! You get to try soda from all around the world. Makayla really enjoyed drinking out of the tiny cups and tasting all the soda...these were her first sips of soda ever.
You should have heard all the "MMMMMMMM"'s coming from her.

Thanks Mom this is so good!