December 25, 2012

Santa Clause Came!

One of my favorite moments of Christmas is the look on a child's face when they first see all the gifts Santa has brought them! Makayla was to fast for me to see her head on but thankfully Steve got this picture! Makayla and Jackson were so thrilled with all there gifts from Santa. We really had a small Christmas this year! My kids just didn't need a lot so we gave to 4 different families that were in NEED of things and kept our smalls but perfect! 

We are really trying to teach Makayla that giving and sharing is more important then any gift! I hope she remembers this and carries it in her heart as she grows up. She is such a caring and sweet person, that is something I hope she never forgets how to be! 

Jackson wondering what Christmas is all about

Makayla going to see what Santa brought!

Going for it!

Makayla was so sweet, she wanted Jackson to open all of his gifts first since it was his first Christmas! 

Makayla's gifts from Santa

Jackson and Makayla! 

So excited about his Mickey Mouse pillow pet


I LOVE this picture! 

Makayla's turn

Love this face!

A Minnie Mouse singing purse! The only thing she asked Santa for! 

Checking out all there gifts! 

My Dad got Jackson a really cool glow in the dark race tract 

Makayla asked my dad for an American girl doll! So an American girl doll is what she got! But not just any doll! Caroline Abbott! Makayla LOVES her to say the least!

We truly had a magical Christmas filled with love, family, simple gestures, and many blessings! I hope our children continue to feel blessed for the things they have, and have big heart to share with others!

Merry Christmas

I did not send out Christmas cards this year, but I did make this to share!

December 24, 2012

Christmas Eve!

My beautiful children! 
Every year for Christmas eve we have a big open house at my Mom's house! She makes Gumbo, Jambalaya,  Crab dip and lots of other fun southern foods for everyone to enjoy! All of our friends and family join us and we have the kids exchange gifts! This year was no different, except for the fact that it may be my favorite year yet! Jackson was here to complete our family and watching my 2 kids was amazing!
with Gom and Crappa 
M and I
Jackson and Mommy 

Gom and Makayla (silly girls)

Jackson and Crappa!!!! 

they LOVE Nenny

Hannah and her Daddy 

Miles and Robin

My Mom got all the Grandkids matching Jammies! 

love these 2 

what a stud


sweet babies! 

They all had so much fun this year!!!! 

Brooklyn hanging out! 

 This year was awesome, we have so much to be thankful for, and so many blessings to count!

December 23, 2012

North Pole Breakfast

Last year we started a NEW fun tradition called the North Pole Breakfast! The elves bring us a family breakfast straight from the North Pole! This year was even more fun because Jackson was here to enjoy it with us. 
Powered Doughnuts, Snowy Muffins and a puzzle for Makayla

They even added more "wintery" decorations

They also left Chocolate milk and Reindeer poop (blueberries) in the fridge

Makayla giving Jackson his first snowy muffin

Why not sugar them all up for a day of fun!

Kisses for Daddy

What a fun family breakfast!
Love those Elves!