April 26, 2010

Trying new things...

Last Sunday was very wet and rainy and we needed to get out of the house. Steve was away at his annual Guys Weekend Out so my friend Jen and her daughter Hannah and Makayla and I met at the mall for lunch and some inside fun. We did the carousal and a few of the quarter games and then the girls wanted to try something NEW...

Have you seen these at the malls lately??? You pay $7 for your kid to JUMP for 3 minutes. As insanely priced as I think it is the girls wanted to do it....Makayla was super excited. she jumped up on the trampoline and got all strapped in and ready to go...
She looked a little unsure so I bounced her a few times reassuring her she was OK...
Then came the tears and the screaming NO so I took her out
(they gave me my money back by the way)
and we watched Hannah fly in the air....
screaming Higher, Higher...

She is still a little young for this I think but she wanted to try it, so who am I to hold her back. oh -well maybe next time. At least she tried something new!

April 10, 2010

Sundays if Florida

This is where we plan on spending our Sunday! What about you what are you doing this Sunday???

April 8, 2010

Supermodel? trouble maker?

Her Dad found her like this the other day
So I ask trouble maker or super model?

April 6, 2010

hunting and pocking

On Easter we have a few traditions, dyeing eggs of course, receiving a nest from the Easter bunny filled with lots of goodies, hunting eggs, and pocking! What is pocking you ask? Well I explained it last year but for those of you new to the blog you can read about here and also see how much Makayla has changed in a year!

We had a great day filled with lots of hunts and hours of pocking. Makayla was great at it this year. She would pick her egg and pock yours even if you weren't ready! She even won a few times.

Posing with Halie
Pocking with Grandmom (Gom)
With Daddy
With Mommy
With Nenny

Then it was time for the hunt...
So excited to see all of the eggs!!!
on the search for more eggs
Checking out her loot!
Posing with Grandmom
We had a really nice with the family and Makayla is still enjoying all of her candy she found in her eggs. We hope you enjoyed your holiday as much as we did!

April 4, 2010

Happy Easter

Makayla woke up this morning to a beautiful Easter basket filled with lots of goodies and eggs hidden around the living room! The Easter bunny MORE then spoiled her. We had great day with the family, and missed the ones we weren't with. We did a craw fish boil the night before and dyed our eggs. I will post those pictures tomorrow. I feel so blessed to have such a fun and full of life child. Besides the sugar over load she had a great day!!! I love my girl!

Her Basket all set up

Opening her basket
Her mouth FULL of Jelly Beans first thing this morning.
Smile (this doesn't happen often towards the camera)
Hanging with Nenny
She locked her self in the dog cage and was going to take a nap.
Crazy girl
Enjoying a very LARGE cupcake egg
Eating freshly popped popcorn...
...and doing the pop corn dance

posing with her favorite dog Halie! Notice Woody riding Halie!
That poor dog puts up with so much!
We also did lots of egg hunting but that deserves it own post, so it will come soon. We hope you all had a very blessed and Happy Easter!