October 31, 2012

Trick or Treat

We had a great halloween evening. This was Jackson's first Halloween and though he didn't get any candy he loved seeing all the other kids dressed up and seeing Makayla as Minnie Mouse! These are some of my favorite pictures of the two of them.

Makayla and her friend Lilly
Makayla's favorite part of Trick or treating is passing out the candy! So when it was still day light out we went to a few houses and Makayla did the whole trick or treating but  when we got back and she got to pass out all the candy she couldn't have been happier. She even dumped her candy into the give bowl so she could keep passing out the candy! Such a sweet girl! 

October 27, 2012

Jackson's special day

Jackson was baptized this past weekend! His Godmother is my cousin Melissa and his Godfather is Steve's brother Joel.  Jackson did great!!! He smiled the entire time Father Mike was "cleansing" him and gave the biggest smile when Father showed him to the church and everyone welcomed him to the community! It was so nice to be around family and friends to share this special day! I only wished we lived closer to our family so we could be around them more often!

Giving Mommy kisses

Lighting his candle 

Walking with Father Mike

Welcoming Jackson to the Church! 

Jackson with Father Mike, and His god parents 

I LOVE this picture!

Jackson with Gom and Crappa

Jackson with PawPaw

Everyone that shared in Jackson's special day! 
We chose Melissa and Joel to be Jackson's Godparents, because we know they will help to guide him in the right path as he grows older. Thank you to all of our family and friends who took the time to make Jackson feel special and loved! Being surrounded by family and god friends is such a blessing we cherish everyday!

October 5, 2012

Comparing at 7-8 months

I was looking back at pictures of Makayla and realized how much they look alike.  The pictures on the left are of Makayla and the ones on the right are of Jackson. They were both around 7-8 months in these photos! 

It's amazing how much they look alike considering how different they are. Makayla as a baby was calm and quiet, Jackson is all over the place and into EVERYTHING.  They are both so fun. Live is defiantly busy with these 2. 

 How cute are these 2?