September 21, 2010

5 adults, 1 toddler, 4dogs and 1 RV

As most of you know these days we take most of our family trips in the RV. For us it is a very cost effect way to travel. All together we have 4 dogs, which can be alot to travel with, A toddler which requires alot of things and 5 adults would need more then 1 car to get from point A to point B. RV travel suits us well. I thought I would share how we all travel.

It's a good trip when Makayla naps!
The puppies love to travel in there crate
Steve always gets to Drive
Granda is a great co-pilot
Mom sits at the table with...
and I share the couch with Makayla
Occupying Makayla by taking pictures
We have had great adventures in the RV. It is a fabulous way for a large family to travel. It can be a little tight once everyone pulls out all there stuff, but we have a great time not only in the destination but also the adventure it takes to get there. Maybe next time i'll photograph our sleeping arrangements!!!

September 20, 2010

1st school performance

Last week Makayla had her 1st school performance. She is liking school a little better now. She only tears up when we leave but no real tears fall. They had to get dress up and we all got to go and meet her teachers and other parents and all of her class mates. It was really fun and super cute.
Makayla all dressed up

Singing " I've got a blue circle in my hands"
They also sang 2 other songs and we learned all about there days.
It was a great night. Makayla is still a little shy in performing but she did great and I know she will only get better.

September 19, 2010

Meeting her Idol

Our last trip to Disney Makayla got to meet her idol! She only got 5 minutes with her but she talked about everything she could in that 5 minutes. It was so sweet. I guess her meeting Snow white would be like us meeting our favorite actor or actress. Watching Makayla's face light up every time she meets the Princesses at Disney will never get old!
More pictures to come soon

Makayla also got to ride a horse! It had to be a white one just the Snow White and Cinderella Ride. Ohh to be 2 again