March 30, 2009

Crazy, Fun, and Exciting!

Makayla has her first ear infection. She was tugging at her ear a little but it wasn't bothering her to much. She didn't have much of a fever and seemed fine. She was really fussy one night and just not her self and then started with a low grade fever. We were hoping it was teeth, but I took her to the dr. and she has an ear infection. She was such a trouper and takes her antibiotic like a champ.

She is crawling EVERYWHERE and fast. She can pull up on everything now and is starting to let go. (SCARY) She is even standing on her own for a few seconds at a time, every time seems to be longer. We are just waiting for those first steps. She is babbling all the time. She can say Dada, Gom (grandmom) Mo (molly) and Mama. She can shake her head NO. She even does it in the right context sometimes. We are trying to get her to shake YES! She is also dancing and waving. Not all at the same time! She is growing so fast. I took a few random shots the other day. We hope all is well with everyone, and hope you are enjoying the new site and the more often updates.

March 27, 2009

We have had a very busy week, this last week! Last Saturday the 21st my Dad came to visit. We had a really nice day just playing with Makayla and then he took us out to dinner. Makayla loved playing with him.

and trying to drink his beer.

Then on Sunday the 22nd we spent the day at the park swinging sliding and playing in the sand. Makayla loves being outside. She played in the sand for 30 min and was very upset when it was time to go.

March 17th
Earlier that week (on St. Patty's day) Steve and I joined Melissa and Tom and some other friends at a Hockey Game to say Good Bye to Tom before her leaves.

After the Hockey Game

Melissa and I

March 19th
I also took Makayla to a play group with all of her friends but we forgot the camera. Ella (Melissa and Tom's daughter) came over to play for a little bit. It was a St. Patty's day playgroup hits why they are both in Green.

March 16, 2009

Lunch with the girls

M using chop sticks

We had lunch with Nenny and Grandmom

Look at the purse Makayla was trying to get Nenny to buy for her

The 4 of us went to lunch today. We had Sushi and Makayla had chicken ravioli's. We had a really fun lunch just the girls! We spent the rest of the day playing and hanging out.

March 15, 2009

1st baseball game

We took makayla to her first baseball game today. She loved it. She was making everyone around us laugh. She watched most of the game until she passed out and took one of her best naps. We finished up with dinner at Thirsty Marlins. It was a really nice day.

1st baseball game

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March 14, 2009

Feeding herself

Makayla is now eating finger foods on her own. She eats what we eat for the most part. She LOVES peaches and peas. We love watching her and cleaning all the mess!

March 13, 2009

8 months

Make sure to click on the picture to see more.

Makayla is 8 months old already! She is changing everyday! She is crawling everywhere. She pulls up on just about anything. She thinks she can walk so she is starting to let go, but she just falls.

She is chasing Molly all around the living room and Makayla even got her backed into her crate the other day. Poor Molly.

This was a very busy week for us, but Makayla was great and just went with the flow. No teeth yet but we are hoping for some soon. We hope everyone is doing well, and that you are enjoying the new blog.

March 8, 2009

family day

family day

We had a great day hanging out as a family. We took Makayla for her first trip to the sponge docks. We made a trip to the aquarium which is small but just enough for her to look at. She got to touch an alligator and watch it get fed. She also got to see lots of big fish We took a walk and enjoyed the beautiful March weather. Had a little lunch and finished the day with some ice cream. M loved the cookie and cream ice cream I shared with her.

She had a fever yesterday but woke up fine. We are hoping to see some teeth soon! We have a busy week but I will try and update once or twice. We hope you all have a great week, and that you are enjoying the new site. Let us know what you think!

March 7, 2009

new Photos

Here is a new photo album of Makayla from the last 2 weeks

Feb and March Photos


Welcome to the first of many blogs about the Bower family but mostly Makayla.

Since our last post on the baby site so many things have changed. Makayla is now a crawler! She started out by pulling with her arms to get where she wanted to go and now she is using her hands and knees. She is pulling up on everything! She thinks she can walk but she is not quit there yet.

She is getting into everything she can find, which is fun but she gets a little frustrated when we tell her NO. She is learning that word quickly. She is very independent and quit the explorer. We hope you all enjoy the new site. The baby site was getting a little expensive and very hard to upload to. I will hopefully be able to post more often with the new blog. So check back often for updates.Make sure to click on the pictures to see the entire albums.