February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's day!

Love is an emotion of strong affection and personal attachment  

Love….. love is a funny thing. You can't live without ever loving someone or something. Love can break your heart & make you cry, it can make your heart flutter and make you smile. Love is a part of our everyday life yet we only have 1 day designated to celebrating  the ones we love. 

As a child Valentine's day was fun. I would awake on Valentine's morning to a little box of chocolates and a stuffed animal sitting in my breakfast spot. As a teenager and adult I never really liked Valentine's day. I never really had a bad Valentine's day just never really got into it! In high school if you didn't have a boyfriend and all the girls were getting flowers and candy and stuff you just felt bad about your self.  As an adult if you didn't do enough for your loved one you felt bad about yourself.  Why would anyone want to go through all this. 

Steve and I have been together for over 15 years we have had our fare share of Valentine's days apart and together! We have never really gone all out for Valentine's day. We choose to celebrate our love everyday instead of just one day! But now that I have children Valentine's day is fun again!

Makayla and I decorated the house with candy heart in all the candle holders,  we made warm fuzzies for  everyone, we glued pink and red glitter to almost everything that was standing still.  This past weekend we made strawberry pink cupcakes, with pink frosting covered in pink sprinkles! We've been reading Valentine's books for over a month now and last night we filled out all the Valentine's for her class mates. She will bring pink covered pretzels and fun cups to school today. 

Makayla does not yet have a boyfriend, though she tells me all the time she is going to wear a white dress one day and marry Daddy because he is her "Charming".  I hope she never looses site of these days and that we are making happy memories for her. I hope she is always filled with love and hope and never has to experience heart break or loneliness. ( I know I would have to put her in a bubble for this to happen)  As a mom I only want the good for my children. I want them to see how happy Steve and I are and that marriage, love and relationships is not something that just happens but something you have to work at everyday! And yes hopefully one day her real prince charming will come and sweep her off her feet but for now I think Daddy is the perfect Charming filled with love and laughs for his little princess! 

Makayla and Jackson Daddy and I love you to the moon and back!!!

Happy Valentine's Day

February 12, 2012

Compare on Birth-days

Makayla on her birth-day
Jackson on his birth-day



Makayla 31/2years  Jackson 31/2weeks

February 11, 2012


Makayla at 3 1/2
Makayla at 3 1/2 you are so sweet! But can be such a sassy pants. You are so smart! You know all of your colors, numbers, letters and you are learning to spell and read. You can write your name (you still need help with the K) and you are learning Jackson's. You love to count EVERYTHING!!! You enjoy watching Mickey Mouse and Strawberry shortcake. The Fresh Beat Band is your absolute Favorite and you ask to watch them daily! You know all the songs and most of the dances! 

You like to dress yourself and you always pick out a dress or fancy skirt, and you can't forget the matching headband! You like to be the center of attention and you LOVE to talk & sing! You can hoola-hoop for a really long time and bounce on your trampoline for hours.
You are very thoughtful of others and you always make sure to include everyone.  You like when you have your whole family around you. You are a total daddies girl and always thoughtful of your little brother. Since the first time you met him you can't get enough of him. You always want to kiss and hug him or sing to him. He loves to hold your finger and calms down when he hears your voice. 

You are a good eater. You love Steak and Chicken…or any kind of meat! You eat all vegetables except lettuce and strawberries and blueberries are your favorite fruits. You are a great helper in the kitchen and at setting the table. You clean up your own play room and you always make sure your shoes are put away! 

You are doing great in school and always the leader. You jump all the time which drives me crazy! You like to play with matchbox cars, baby dolls and puzzles.  You draw all the time and are getting great at drawing people! Camping at Disney is your favorite place to vacation! You play your leappad (you think its called an ipad) and try to play mine (but I don't like to share). You make your dad and I laugh all the time. We always wonder how you come up with the things you do.  You are an amazing girl and I am so proud of who you are becoming.  You are so much like me and we butt heads all the time, but I wouldn't change a thing about you! You are perfect just the way you are! 


4 weeks old
Jackson yesterday you turned 4 weeks old! You are such a sweet boy! You love your mom and you love to eat. You are still in newborn size clothes, and you hate hats. You like being swaddled at night but you get your hands free as soon as possible. You like tummy time in small amounts of time and you are starting to coo.  You can focus on things now and you recognize your mom. You can almost hold your head on your own. You get really mad when you get mad and you remind me of an angry bird!!!! You are not a fan of the paci. You smile all the time.
You love to be held and the sound of your sisters voice. You smile when she sings to you and you always hold her finger! She adores you more then you will ever know and always thinks about you.

We are starting to get into a nice routine and schedule. You still sleep alot but are awake much more through out the day. You only wake up one time at night. Usually between 3:00-4:00am. You HATE the car seat more then anything! But we are working on that. You enjoy your bath until it's time to get out, but you love all the kisses I give you when you smell so delicious I could eat you.

Jackson you have so many people in your life that love and adore you! You are a very special boy, and I can't imagine our life without you! Being your Mom is so special, thank you for completing our family!!!

February 10, 2012

Jackson's birth story

The morning of Friday January 13th 2012 I woke up around 4:00am with some pretty strong contractions but went back to sleep until about 6:00am. I told Steve he may not be going to work that day but to start getting  Makayla ready for school and I was going to rest for a few minutes. When I stood up all I could do was grab the wall I was in so much pain. 
Steve couldn't find the right shirt for Makayla so he called me in her room where he jumped out of the closet and scared me! As he walked out I felt a flush of fluid and knew it was time to go to the hospital.  We called my sister to take Makayla to school and on to the hospital we went.

We checked in around 9:30am. I was 3cm and my contractions were 3-5 minutes apart.
They got me into a room and Kasie, my Mom and I started walking the hallway to strengthen the contractions.  Throughout the day I moved around the room from the bed to the yoga ball and back to the bed. We had music playing in the back ground as we breathed and focused through the day. Around 3:00 they started pitocin to get things moving. I was about 5cm. The contractions were getting really strong but I was focused on fighting through them. 

Around 5:00pm I was 7cm and having a very hard time dealing the pain of the contractions. At around 6:00pm I finally decided it was time for an epidural! It seems like it took them forever to get there and get it in but at 6:45pm I was finally relaxed and only feeling a slight tightness every 30 seconds to a minute.
Michele my amazing midwife came in at 7:30 to check me. When she did he was ready to come out. She turned the lights on got on her scrubs and 3 pushes later Jackson Thomas Bower was born at 7:54pm. He weight in at 6lbs 10.8oz and 19inches long.  He had a good amount of dark hair and a very tiny cry! 

I remember thinking how tiny he was and how much he looked like Makayla when she was born only smaller. 

I could not have gotten through the day without some very special people! Steve was amazing doing whatever I needed. Kasie kept me focused and comfortable. She was an awesome coach and I am proud to call her my Best Friend! My Mom was my silent strength that day! I think all day we both wanted to cry every time we looked at each other but instead drew strength from one another. She got to see Jackson born and that is a memory neither of us will every forget! My Sister who made sure my other precious baby was taken care of, and ready to meet her baby brother. Knowing Makayla was taken care of and involved that day was just as important as knowing Jackson was ok! I am so blessed to have so many amazing people in my life! 

Since the day Jackson was born I feel so complete! I never felt that way after Makayla was born…I guess in my heart I knew we would have one more.  Steve and I could not be more thankful that we have 2 healthy children and a strong marriage.  Here are a few photos from Jackson's birth-day

Steve Cutting the cord
Jackson Thomas

Seeing mommy and daddy for the first time

What a beautiful boy

Proud parents

Weighing in at 6lbs 10.8oz

Foot Prints

Proud GrandMom

When Makayla first came in a saw her brother I cried and had a feeling in my heart like never before.  Seeing my 2 children together for the first time was a feeling I cannot describe. The love they have for each other from the very first moment is amazing. I hope it last a lifetime!

Our first picture as a family of 4

Surrounded by so much love

Nenny holding him for first time

Makayla got a special BIG SISTER bracelet! 
Thanks for sharing in our story!