August 19, 2013

First day of school!

I cannot believe I have a kindergartener. How is my first born baby girl old enough to be in Kindergarten? How I am old enough to have a baby that old? UGH!!! What a bittersweet day this is!

At the beginning of the summer I was so stressed about how I was going to get through the next 3 months with both kids at home all day.  I was so wrong. I enjoyed every moment of the last few months. We swam, hung with friends, played at the park, watched movies, spent many days on the slip and slide, and enjoyed our summer to the fullest!
Makayla has grown to be such a sweet, loving, fun, caring beautiful, young girl and I couldn't be more proud of her. She is strong willed, vibrant, and full of life. She is fast paced, and loves to be on the go….what can I say the apple doesn't fall far from the tree! I always tell her she can move mountains if she tries hard enough and one day she will!
Makayla is ready for kindergarten, mama on the other hand not so much. She is a little person in a BIG school and to me that's scary, but to her it's exciting and fun! I am proud to say neither of us shed tears when we said good bye this morning. Now when I got home was a different story. The day seemed to drag on and I found myself watching the clock wondering what she was doing and if she was ok. Turns out she rocks at kindergarten, but why am I not surprised!

1st day of Kindergarten
My beautiful girl!
Ready to rock this day!

Cooper and Makayla ready for the first day

Jackson and I got to walk Makayla to class the first day. Jackson just wanted to get out and play
At her seat ready for her day
Makayla I am so proud of you and who you are! You made it through your first day with flying colors!

August 17, 2013

Run for ME!

Months ago Jen and I signed up for our first 5k. Neither of us had ever run a 5k before nor did we know what to expect. We wanted to have fun and cross a line off of our bucket list! We trained for weeks before the race but it happened to be the weekend after we returned home from Ga. Let's just say I did not get much running done last week. The night before the race I barely slept. I was excited and a little nervous. I am not a runner at all, but this is something I have always wanted to do. 

I know for some of my friends running a 5k is easy, but for me it was a challenge and a goal I set for myself. I am not really a runner but this was something I've wanted to accomplish for a while! I have walked a few 5k's to support friends and charities, but today I RAN for ME! And I am proud to say I did along side one of my very best friends!!! I completed my first 5k this morning in 32 min! 

I was defiantly colorful
Jen and I after the race! 

Go US!!!! We did it!
We had so much fun, I cannot wait for the next one. I just hope it's a little cooler but hopefully just as colorful!

August 11, 2013

The ride home

On the way home we decided to surprise the girls with a stop American Girl Doll Atlanta. They were so excited and surprised. Caroline got her hair done and got to pick out a few new outfits. The girls had a blast and were overwhelmed to say the least. 
We drove straight home after lunch making a late return home Sunday night! The kids were great on the way home. We only stopped twice in 8 hours Jackson slept almost the entire time only waking to eat and walk around once. Makayla slept, watched a movie, and repeatedly thanked us for taking her to the mountains, and the american girl doll store. I was so sad to see our vacation come to an end but I was so happy to be home! 
Makayla's face when she saw the American Girl Doll store
Caroline after her hair appointment 
Makayla and Hannah with there dolls

I love this picture of these two! 
Makayla at a rest stop.
I had walked out of the restroom and she was sitting on this bench gazing off and I realized my baby is starting kindergarten in 2 weeks and she's not a baby anymore. She looked so grown up and beautiful at that very moment.  I got tears in my eyes just thinking about how much she has grown and how wonderful of a person she is.  

Jackson looking for acorns and getting into trouble
Jackson honestly slept the entire way home

Back to reality…….

August 10, 2013

Mountain Adventure Day 5 & 6

Late Thursday night Hannah's Mom, Dad, & Brother (Jake) joined us for our last few days of cabin living! What a joy it was to share our vacation with some of our best friends! Friday we got up and headed out for another hiking adventure this time much closer to us and much shorts but still worth every step! After a stop at the Orchard to pick up more jams and cheese, we headed back to the cabin for a relaxing evening, of drinks, s'mores, hot-tubing, and enjoying our home away from home. 

Seriously this view! 
smaller but just as beautiful
Jen and I relaxing after a long hike!
 (not really just an excuse to drink our wine!) 

Steve and I cannot wait to go back
The boys hanging out!
Hmmm Thats funny!
The girls 
Daddy and his girl
Jackson may or may not have slept in the closet! 

Day 6 
Our last day
On our last day the Dads took the girls back out to the Centennial Olympics site where they got to see the rapids flowing and tons of people rafting. Jen and I took the boys into town for a little shopping. We all met up in the early afternoon for drinks and appetizers before heading back to the cabin for one last night of fun.  
This is the same spot as the pictures from day 4 with all the rocks! The damn opened the rapids were flowing! Amazing how different it looks and how fast that water flows 

Blue Ridge railway! 
The guys let the girls play on the train.
I love this picture of Makayla!
So carefree and full of life!
What an amazing adventure we had on this trip. I cannot express how much I enjoyed this time with my kids and my husband. We really tried to "unplug" and just get away from it all, and I think we did. We made so many memories, and laughed, and played, and really just had a fun and relaxing time! I cannot wait to do it all over again soon!!!

August 8, 2013

Mountain Adventure Day 4

Day 4 was defiantly my favorite day of this vacation. As we were researching things to do in and around Blue Ridge we knew we wanted to do a hiking day! Our original plan was to go to the site of the Centennial Olympics in 1996 but to our surprise when we arrived there was no actual hiking. The sweet gentleman in the gift shop suggested Benton Falls which was also on our list but we thought it may be to much for the kids! We drove another 10 miles of winding mountain road and then another 7 miles up hill to the entrance of our 6 mile hike! 

After a picnic lunch by the beach we set out for our hiking adventure to see the falls. Getting to the fall is down hill on a dirt and very rocky path. Steve and I took turns carrying a very grumpy toddler in the Beco carrier. But the girls were amazing all 6 miles of the hike! (3 miles each way) Neither of them complained once about the heat, bugs, or being tired! This was defiantly an adventure none of us will ever forget. Arriving at the falls was one of the most amazing sites any of us had ever seen. 
The bridge overlooking the rapids at the Olympic site
When the damn opens water is flowing through these rocks and it doesn't even look like the same place. People were rafting rough here at a very high rate of speed once it was filled! AMAZING
Jackson and I
Getting ready to set out on our hike! 
What a view 

Benton Falls what an amazing structure. I have never seen anything like it! 
These pictures do not do this justice 
We just sat for a very long time listening to the sound of the water flowing. 
All the kids loved playing on the rocks and dangling there toes in the cool water.
I carried a sleeping Jackson up hill all 3 miles on the return trip!  
On the way home we stopped in McCaysville to take our photo on the GA, TN state line. Very touristy but very fun!
In 2 states at once! 
They all thought I was nuts! but I think its fun
We returned home and grilled salmon, steamed green beans, and rice. The kids ate every bite that night and asked for seconds. Not sure if they worked up a major appetite from the hike or if it was the fresh salmon but this was also my favorite meal we cooked! 
This boy was a total mess!!!
All the kids HAD to sit with me in the little chair! 
Two VERY tired girls that night
I feel so blessed to have been able to experience today! It was truly amazing to be able to show our children such a naturally beautiful thing.