November 15, 2011

We are having a boy!

As most of you know will be expanding our family very soon. Jackson Thomas is due in January! 
Over the last few months I have not taken many pictures but I do have a few to share. 

About 5 month is Puerto Rico

7 months on our family vacation to Disney

 7 months

 7 months
 Our 5 year wedding anniversary 
4d of Jackson

I think he is going to look just like Makayla did when she was born

already showing off his big feet


Sucking his thumb

We are so excited and proud to be growing our family by 1 more! I am not about 8 months and things are finally starting to get done. His room is painted blue and his crib and dresser are up. Decorations are starting to be hung and it's starting to look like a real nursery.  My baby shower was last weekend (photos to come) and I only have a few more Dr. appointment left. time is flying by and with the holidays fast approaching he will be here before we know it!  I can't wait!

November 13, 2011

A day at the Farm

Today we got to enjoy a beautiful fall day on a farm. Makayla's friend Alex had his 4th birthday at Noah's Ark Farm. We got to enjoy goats, sheep, pigs, donkeys, turtles, bunnies, swans, chickens, and even a pony ride. It was a beautiful day and even better company. Makayla loved it and was very into all the animals, she is usually a little timid. 

 The sheep
 careful at first
 Then she got more comfortable
 look at all those sheep and goats

 Brushing the animals
 She was the first one in line for the pig! She wants a pig of her own so badly 
 Waiting for the Chicken
 Holding the white Chicken
 She did so good
 with Ben and the geese 

Her favorite part….the pony ride!
It was a perfect party and all the kids really enjoyed themselves!