June 24, 2013

Girls day

Makayla's been begging for a GIRL ONLY day. Poor thing went from being the center of everyone's world to having a crazy boy around all the time! We did a little shopping, had lunch, and went for pedicures. It was a great day. I always seem to forget how fun Makayla is when it's just her and I. I really need to do this more often! 

June 5, 2013

Dancing Queen

Makayla had her first dance recital tonight.  She performed a tap dance to Hawaiian roller coaster ride. This was defiantly a proud Mommy moment for me.  I wasn't crazy about all the makeup and hair spray she had to wear but she loved it, and she loved performing on stage.  Makayla has never been labeled as shy or quiet but I just didn't know how she would do on stage with bright lights and so many people but she did GREAT! There are only 3 girls in her class so one of them being off step was going to be pretty obvious.  All 3 of the girls did so good and made us all so proud.  The tears were flowing the entire time she was up there and I know I had to be clapping the loudest.  Dance and performing is defiantly Makayla's "thing," for now at least!
Doesn't she look so grown up :(

Love this girl!

Makayla and Abby

Makayla, Miss Rosy, Lilly 

We showered her with flowers! 

All of of family and friends that came to see our girl perform

Makayla you made Mommy and Daddy so proud tonight!!! You always put your heart into what you love and that truly shinned through tonight. We love you more then you will ever know!

June 2, 2013

No better way to start the summer...

….then a trip to Disney! The week after Makayla finished VPK we wanted to celebrate her fantastic year in a big way! Hey they are only little for a short time we try to make big deals of little things! This was the first trip we have taken to Disney that Jackson was really interested in doing EVERYTHING. He was still a little skittish of the characters, but can you blame him! The whole family loaded up in the RV for a weekend full of Disney fun! I have to admit this trip was one of my favorite Disney trips we have taken. We made it all about the kids and they loved it!

Meeting Jake

Jackson could have stayed here all day! He screamed his head off when we had to walk away. 

Playing at the campground

He loves being outside 

Gom & Crappa 

Nenny and Jackson

Driving the golf cart

While everyone else was nappy we snuck away for a little playground time 

The first time Jackson got to sleep in the bed and not the pack N play
My sister and I snuck Makayla away to have a little girl time. We ran off to roast s'mores, sing with Chip&Dale and watch a movie! Such a fun evening. I love the Disney campground! Do you know how to tell Chip & Dale apart?

S'mores with Chip and Dale 

Love from Dale! 

Roasting her own marshmallow 


What a great trip and such fun memories were made! We might not look great in these picture but hey we were camping, and we were hot, but we had the best time as a family and that is really all that matters!