September 29, 2013

September in photos

September was kind of a slow month for us! So I am going to wrap it up in one post full of photos!
We started receiving weekly organic produce delivered to our door. The fruits and veggies are so delicious and fresh! Jackson gets so excited every week when the box arrives and cannot wait to grab and apple or a peach and start munching!  

This boy can fall asleep anywhere!

My sassy stylish girl

Jackson is NOT supposed to be in this room or on my red chair. He does however think he is SOOOO funny when he sneaks!

Friends of ours opened a new restaurant and we went to support them and check out the delicious food at Johnny Grits! The best part is it is only a few doors down from the Cupcake shop! The food was delicious, Jackson approved! 

Wilson from Chuggington…Jackson's favorite show

We FINALLY bought a new rug!
Makayla is LOVING hiphop

The weather is starting to cool off a bit so we are enjoying dinners and evening outside! 

Football season is in full swing, the best part is getting together on Sundays to watch the games with our family! 

Jackson LOVES his Pa!

Jackson is now in his big boy bed! He was banging his head on the edge of his crib and bruising himself pretty bad, so we decided to put up his toddler rail. It took a few days for him to learn to stay in his bed and nap time is not going well but his head banging is coming to an end!  

The first night in his toddler bed 

Jackson has a double ear infection, so much for tubes
but how sweet is he sleeping on the couch! 

I was getting Jackson's dinner on his plate and I turned around to this. I guess this is what happens when you refuse to nap…..poor boy. 
We had a chicken visit our backyard! Jackson and Makayla thought is was so cool,  I however was not happy!
Don't worry I didn't cook him, Steve nicely put him back over the fence where he belongs
how nap time happens these days
Makayla and I had a visit to the dentist we both had a great check up! No cavities  
hmmmm I'm wondering how long this will last

That was our September in photos! Nothing to exciting just our daily life!

September 2, 2013

Surprise! We're going to Disney!

As we were driving down the mountain to head home from our Ga vacation Makayla asked, "I loved the mountains but when are we going to Disney?" My sister had promised her a trip if she did well her first few weeks of school. Once a year we try to have a "girls trip" to Disney.  So this weekend it was! We left right after school on a Friday afternoon and surprised the kids with a fun little get away for the weekend!
We stayed in one of our favorite hotels and had a relaxing weekend filled with overloads of fun! We all prefer Disney at night…less crowed, cooler temps, shorter lines, happier kids which equals a happier Mommy!

Playing on the beach at the hotel


Chip and Dale
Cooling off

Doing what he does best
these two love sitting on the Mickey Ears

Jackson and I waiting on dinner. Jackson LOVED watching the monorail go by. He would scream "LOOK" everytime it zoomed by.

Jackson is still a bit scared of the characters  

The girls on the tea cups

Jackson only made it until about 11:00 Makayla however partied it up until 1:00am! 
The next morning Gom treated us to breakfast with Mickey and his friends! Jackson and Makayla had a great time dancing and talking with the characters. Jackson actually liked them all except Pluto. I think he had just had enough!

Still a little unsure
Donald is actually his favorite!
He kept kissing Minnie

then he LOST it! He was SCREAMING so poor Pluto kindly moved to the side to take a picture with Makayla! 

Dancing with Donald
And yes my kid has no shoes on in the restaurant…don't judge he's a 2nd child! 

Makayla wanted to take a picture of all of us

Saying goodbye to Mickey and to a wonderful weekend! 

What a great weekend with the girl! (and Jackson) Until next time!