May 30, 2010

Introducing Princess

I cannot believe I forgot to post this!!! Back in February we went to the Strawberry festival one Sunday. It was hot and crowed and no one really had much fun. Makayla was not feeling well and we didn't stay long. We did however stay long enough for me to play a game of "toss the ball" and guess what I won????

Yep a Goldfish!!! Can you believe it, I couldn't. Makayla was so excited when she saw it and couldn't stop talking to it. On the way home we started talking about a name for our fish and I wanted Strawberry or Nemo but Makayla insisted on Princess! We stopped on the way home and Steve ran into pet smart for a fish bowl (she couldn't live in the bag forever) I said just get the cheapest bowl they have this thing is never going to live very long. He comes out with this Macdaddy fish take costing $30.00.
We got home filled it with water and put Princess in her new home. We have taught Makayla how to feed the fish and she tries to help with cleaning the tank. Princess is doing very well and to my surprise still alive! She has more then doubled in size and has become a very pretty bright orange.
Makayla wakes up every morning and says hello to her and gives her a pinch of food. She says good night and I love you before bed. Princess always swims right up to the glass when she see Makayla it's really cute.
So 3 months later Princess is still kicking and doing well. She has really become a part of the family or at least a part of our daily routine. I even had to have our friend come and feed her when we were out of town earlier this month. Welcome to the family Princess! We are glad to have you!!!

May 28, 2010

My super Chef

Making dinner time has always been a hard time for Makayla. Even as a baby when I would get up to make dinner it always seemed to be her fussiest hour of the day. When she became a walker she was always emptying the Tupperware cabinet or getting into trouble right when I was in the middle of cooking. These days she stands around my whining and crying that she wants cheese or she is ready to eat. My solution...get her involved!!!

Though our 30 minute meal took 45 minutes it was so much fun and Makayla loved it. We made beef and Broccoli. I let Miss M whisk and stir, break up all the broccoli and mix everything together. She did everything but the cutting and the hot stuff.
stir stir stir
Tasting a raw onion she though was an apple
Here is the finished project
Eating her meal, She ate a lot that night!!!
I even let her help clean the dishes which she had a grand time doing. Anything that involves water she likes to be a part of. I put soap on the rag and she scrubbed. It might take an extra 20 minutes to get dinner cooked or the kitchen cleaned but we had a great time together and made lots of fun memories. I would trade for the world!!!
I love that Makayla loves to help. I was folding laundry the other night and she helped put it all away and even returned the laundry basket to the laundry room by herself. She helps unload the groceries when we get home from the store, and helps to put the dishes away when I unload the dishwasher! All I can hope for is that her helpfulness carries on to her teen years.

May 17, 2010

Random things and a Makayla update

I feel like we have been so busy lately. We spend most of our days either at the pool or the splash park, or picnicking with friends. Some days we spend at home playing Babies or with her new castle but I feel like the time is flying by. We spend our evenings enjoying the late sunset and cool air. Every evening we have been going for a bike ride or a walk and then coming home and playing outside until well after dark. I remember these evenings as child just playing outside until you just couldn't go anymore. I love that in the days of so much TV and Computers she is still experiencing this and loving it.

I am also starting to plan Miss M's 2nd birthday party! Can you believe she is going to be 2? It feels like just yesterday I was swaddling a new born up and watching her sleep! Time is flying by way to quickly and doesn't show signs of stopping. We have something on the calendar every weekend for the next 2 months I guess thats what summer is all about.

Makayla is talking like crazy. There is not much she doesn't say and many things I wish she wouldn't say, but she is learning quickly what she can and can't shouldn't say. She is doing great at potty training I would say she is about 95% there and is doing wonderful in her big girl bed. Her bottom eye teeth have FINALLY popped through and now we are just waiting on the top ones and we should be done with teeth for a while! I HOPE! Her and Molly are not getting along any better in fact there relationship is growing further apart as Makayla gets faster and more adamant about "loving" on her. But I did walk into the living room to find this the other day.
I had to get a picture because this is highly unusual. Deep down I think Molly really loves her she is just afraid to admit it.

As for Steve and I we have just been busy with work. I am working a few more hours a week and he is working all the time but sales are up a little so what more can you ask for. We are really enjoying Makayla at this least most days. Did I mention the terrible two's have started? We are hoping they leave soon! When she is in a good mood she is wonderful!!!
That's all for now. I promise to try to make an effort to update more often it's just a little hard when we don't come in from outside until 8:30! But heck it's summer here in Florida!!!!

May 15, 2010

Birthday weekend at Disney

As most of you know Birthdays are a big thing in this family. And me turning 29 was no different. However this year I was not excited about getting another year older. We decided to go to Disney and get use out of of passes since they are about to be blocked out for a few months. We left late on a Friday evening and drove up in the RV and got settled in. For my actual birthday May 1st we decided to go to Magic Kingdom. It was so hot that we went and let Makayla ride a few rides and see the princesses and we left to go back and relax. That night we went to the Hoop-dee-doo Revue. It is a dinner show they put on at the camp ground. It was fun but a little long for Makayla interest but it was a good time. Sunday Steve, Grandpa, Makayla and I relaxed at the pool and played at the beach, while Grandmom, and Nenny enjoyed the roller coasters at Epcot.

One of the nice things about going to a place like Disney is there is something to make everyone happy! We grilled out Sunday night and then went to see Fantasmic at Hollywood Studios If you get the chance you have to see this show! It is one of there best productions, Makayla loved it because it has all the Villains and those her are favorite right now. It was a great weekend. I can't thank my family enough for spending the weekend with me and making turning 29 not so bad!
Enjoy all the pictures!
The Birthday Girl
Heading to Magic Kingdom
Waiting in line for the princesses
She loved them this time!
Sleeping Beauty
Saying "CHEEESSSEEE" with Rella
I think she was most excited to see Belle
but she kept asking where the Beast was.
She got to meet her all time favorite Snow White.
She asked her all about the Witch and Dorfs and where the apple was. She was so excited and happy to see Snow White. That is her favorite movie right now and she can tell you the whole story which I am trying to get on video, but she is a little camera shy.
I have never seen her so shocked and excited all at the same time. it brings me such joy to be able to give her these experiences.

Waiting for the Hoop-Dee-Doo Revue to start
Playing with the spoons on the wash board was her favorite part of the show!
Diving right in to her cupcake
Family picture enjoying my birthday evening.
Makayla REALLY wanted to pose with her new Snow White and Witch doll!
Thank you for checking in.... until next time!

May 4, 2010

I know I know

I have been so bad about blogging lately. I'm sorry we have just been so busy enjoying the Spring weather. We have been spending Sundays on the boat and when I am not working we have been doing things like picnics in the park with friends, running in the sprinkler, popping water balloons and enjoying life.
We have had lots of friends in from out of town and we went out of town this past weekend for my birthday!!! Those pictures will come soon I promise. But for now here are a few from the last few weeks.

Makayla and Cooper picnicking
Cason and Colton
"The babies" as Miss M calls them She LOVES these 2

Steve and I have even been spending more time just the 2 of us. We had a charity event for the American Cancer society last weekend. The theme was boots to ball gowns, so we dressed in our best western wear put on our hats and enjoyed a wonderful evening out. I have to say it was really nice to have some time as just the 2 of us. We talked about so much. I really miss that kind of time with my husband and we made plans to do it again soon!
Here is a picture of us all dressed in our western best!

We hope all is well with everyone! Thanks for checking in. I promise to post about this last weekend soon. I was really dreading turning 29 but it turned out to be one of the best birthdays yet!