April 14, 2009

Easter weekend

Sorry this post is a little late we had a very busy weekend and I have been playing catch up the last 2 days.

Friday April 10th
Play Group
We had an Easter playgroup on Friday morning. Demetra was a wonderful host and planned a fun and exciting Easter egg hunt and a delicious lunch. Makayla had a great time. It is so fun to see how much she has grown. When we started playgroup she was about 6 weeks old and just sat in the papasan. Now she is taking toys from other kids cruising the couch and making sure she gets her way. It is so much fun to see her interact with the other kids. Here are a few pictures of her hunting eggs and swinging on Alex's new play set.

Makayla found an egg
Mom look what I found
Ethan finding an egg

Ally sliding kinda!
Friday night we went to Bryan and Ashley's weddings shower. Makayla had a really good time and got to meet alot of people I went to high school with. She loved all the attention. So much so that she stayed up until 11:00pm I think she was afraid to miss anything. She was so good the entire time. It was an interesting night. But more about that later.

Saturday April 11th
Egg dyeing party

We hosted an Easter egg dyeing party Saturday night. We made golden egg punch, 2 quiches, Nenny (Jenn my sister) made two Pampered chef crescent rings, a veggie and fruit tray and cupcakes. Everyone brought there eggs to dye and we supplied the dye. Makayla had a good time throwing the eggs on the floor, and trying to grab at the cups of dye. Hannah and Peighton and a wonderful time also as did all the adults. Results we got some beautiful eggs for pocking on Sunday, and had wonderful time. We hope to make this an annual event at our house.
The cupcakes I made
Every single cupcake was different
M getting ready to dye her eggs
Or eat her egg
This egg went on the floor 2 seconds after this picture. 1 of many
More eggs PLEASE
Sunday April 12th
Easter Sunday
Sunday was a beautiful day. We awoke to a Easter basket filled with wonderful things for Makayla. The bunny must have forgotten about her parents. Then we spent the day at my Moms house. The Easter bunny dropped a nest at her house as well. This time he left a few things for Mom and Dad. We took some pictures, had a huge Easter egg hunt with lots of prizes, a delicious Linner (lunch and dinner), and a really nice day with the family. We also pocked eggs. For those of you who don't know what this is I will explain.
It works like this. You take your hard-boiled egg, and your opponent would take his. Both of you would hold them with the pointy end exposed, and the two of you would tap them together until the point of one or the other broke. The broken egg became the property of the person with the intact egg. This would go on until nobody had an uncracked egg. This is a southern tradition that my mom taught us as very young children and I was excited to pass it on to Makayla. She had fun with it. Shea her cousin loved it and got most of Grandmoms eggs.
We hope you all had a nice Easter and got to spend some time with your family as well. I put all the pictures in an album it was to many to post them all on here.

Easter 2009
Click on the album to view them all.

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  1. She is just the cutest! Loved the outdoor pics of her in her Easter attire:) And thanks for sharing what "pocking" is...I was totally clueless!


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