January 23, 2011

A day of Fun and exploration

A few saturdays ago Steve was out of town and I had to the day off so Makayla and I ventured downtown to the Glazer Children's Museum. What an awesome place. Makayla and I had a wonderful day that was all about her. She could touch, play, and explore with everything. It was all child's size and she it at the perfect age for this place. We are thinking about buying year passes. There are lots of pictures!!!

Playing in the water with boats
Making waves
Figuring out electricity
Using air to move balls
The balls hovered with air she was amazed
planting flowers
Construction site
building Downtown Tampa
Shopping at Publix
She had a cart full!! I think by far this was her favorite part
Building a body puzzle
Driving a fire truck
Making colorful art with tubes
She did great
Climbing a rock wall notice how high up she is! I was impressed
Cooking and bringing me lunch
Sharing lunch with me
Climbing the leaves

We ended where we started playing in the water with boats
The weather was perfect that day so after the museum we enjoy a picnic lunch outside at the park. This was my favorite part!! Just M and I enjoying time together with no one else around.
Then we played at the park for a little bit before heading home.

with all the exploring and fun she had she didn't make it out of the parking garage before she was out!
It was a perfect day!!! I love watching Makayla explore and figure things out on her own. She is one independent girl. Having a place where it was all about her was nice, there was nothing she couldn't touch or do. They need more places like that around here!!! Hope you enjoyed all the pictures there was to many to pick just a few, and to think I didn't even put them all up!

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