May 13, 2012

4 months old already

Jackson you are 4 months already! Wow has the time flown by.  You are growing up so fast and have been such an amazing part of our family. At 4 months you are doing so many things. You are finally sleeping in your own room (though you are still waking up at 4:00am to nurse) unswaddled. You are rolling both ways. You are putting EVERYTHING in your mouth. You started sitting in the exasaucer. You LOVE your Mom more than anything!

You are still nursing very well and gaining weight perfectly! I think you are about 13lbs! You started rice cereal (you hate it) so I started using oatmeal (you like it a little better) You have tried, peas, carrots, apples, and sweet potatoes. You seem to like all of them.  You are starting to sit up on your own, though still VERY wobbly.

You don't like the car seat very much, but you love to go for a walk. You sweat all the time (boy thing I guess) You found your toes and love holding them and putting them in your mouth! You are sweet and very calm natured. You only fuss when you are hungry. You don't spit up much if at all.

I love the way you light up when I come into a room. You seem to say "Mama" when you want to nurse or haven't seen me in few minutes. I love the bond we have already created.

Your sister adores you! She loves to play with you and make you smile. You are always watching her and you seem to just want to get up and play with her. (Soon enough)

You enjoy watching TV (sports) with your Dad! You boys relax in the evenings. Its so sweet!

 Look how much you have grown! 
You smile and laugh all the time! I absolutely love spending my days with you. 

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