March 30, 2009

Crazy, Fun, and Exciting!

Makayla has her first ear infection. She was tugging at her ear a little but it wasn't bothering her to much. She didn't have much of a fever and seemed fine. She was really fussy one night and just not her self and then started with a low grade fever. We were hoping it was teeth, but I took her to the dr. and she has an ear infection. She was such a trouper and takes her antibiotic like a champ.

She is crawling EVERYWHERE and fast. She can pull up on everything now and is starting to let go. (SCARY) She is even standing on her own for a few seconds at a time, every time seems to be longer. We are just waiting for those first steps. She is babbling all the time. She can say Dada, Gom (grandmom) Mo (molly) and Mama. She can shake her head NO. She even does it in the right context sometimes. We are trying to get her to shake YES! She is also dancing and waving. Not all at the same time! She is growing so fast. I took a few random shots the other day. We hope all is well with everyone, and hope you are enjoying the new site and the more often updates.

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  1. That pic at the top is an awesome one. I miss M!


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