December 10, 2009

Thanksgiving Weekend part I

I thought it was high time I updated this blog and shared our Thanksgiving adventure with you all. The Wednesday before Thanksgiving we awoke bright and EARLY and got on the road to St. Augustine.

Some of us were not happy about being awake and refused to have there picture taken!
This is the view the whole 4 hour trip. The guys drove the RV and the Girls drove the Car. It was a very rainy and nasty day but we made the best of the trip and watched lots of Disney movies and sang road songs. The passengers even got a little ZZZZZZZ here and there. (I was driving)
When we finally arrived and got settled, my mom asked if we wanted a little snack before we left to explore downtown St. Augustine. This is what she pulled out!!!! (They went to Sam's before we left...can you tell?) OMG we were cracking up...Maybe you had to be there. LOL
We walked around downtown for most of the cold afternoon enjoy all the little shops and the smell of the past. St. Augustine is one of the oldest cities in the country. You can just smell the history!

Here is a picture and Makayla and Grandpa outside of the Castillo De San Marcos National Monument. She was enjoying a HUGE pretzel from a little german shop.

The outside of the Castillo De San Marcos
Jenn getting ready to walk in
Steve and I inside
Makayla trying really hard to walk on the grass that you are supposed to stay off of.

I should add that Makayla thinks she can do everything on her own now so as she was running around the uneven grounds she trips and scratched up her chin pretty bad. You will notice it in the future pictures. Luckily she was ok after a few tears, and a tooth check. (they are all still there)
At the top of the Monument (what a view)
Makayla playing in the monument lookout towers.
This was our first day. We had a great time exploring downtown and learning a little history. Day II is coming soon so make sure to check back!

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