August 23, 2010

A kid needs to work!

In this house we run a tight ship! Now that Makayla is 2 it's time for her to start earning her keep around here!
We started by making her wash the dishes!
Clean the floors
Scrub Scrub Scrub
She was working on the laundry and this happened!
But now she is in charge of all the laundry
We make her clean the counters
and cook dinner! She is making creamed spinach
She even roasted a Chicken!
She is such a good cook and I love not having to do the dishes or laundry anymore!!! I think we should have more kids just to have more help!

*No Makayla's were harmed or overworked for this blog post*


  1. LOL!! THese pics crack me up!! What a BIG HELPER she is! If you have more you could have your very own team!

  2. she doesn't seem to mind helping one bit! cute post


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