August 31, 2010

A visit with PawPaw

Earlier this month my dad came for a visit. It had been awhile since he was able to get away to see Makayla so needless to say she had grown up ALOT since the last time he saw her. He brought her and AWESOME red radio flyer bike and matching sunglasses. It took her a little while to hop but once she did she fell in love. She is still learning to pedal so we have left it inside until she get the hang of it!
Being Silly with PawPaw
On her bike again
Makayla became obsessed with her PawPaw while he was here. When he would walk out the room she would run after him saying "PawPaw PawPaw" when he showered she sat outside the bathroom knocking saying "PawPaw come play with me" She helped him do everything! He loved every minute of it. We are so happy he was able to come and visit and hope to see him again soon!!
Saying goodbye
My Dad also took Steve, my sister and I out to dinner at Bern's. We had a wonderful night chatting over a great meal! Thanks again Dad!


  1. ok she looks so in love with your dad! precious!

    and i love your dress/shirt fron when yall went out to dinner! you look great!

  2. How nice. It's always good to see family and to watch your kids react to them:)

  3. The pic of your dad and M nose to nose is ADORABLE!!! Love it. And I love her new wheels. Totally cool:)


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