December 13, 2011

Freddie on the Shelf….

That is what Makayla calls her "Elf on the Shelf"

Freddie is a scout elf that arrives when we come home from Thanksgiving vacation and watches Makayla throughout the month of December and reports back to Santa nightly to give him a report of her behavior. He always lands in a different spot in the house each morning. Watching her find him is always so much fun in the morning. He sometimes brings notes, and gift, and this year he even brought of a Breakfast from Santa. He has also found himself in some trouble this year, he got into the Candy dish and enjoyed some of Mommies Chocolates!!! I love having kids and being able to bring joy to there faces. 
Freddie when we first got back from Thanksgiving Vacation
Freddie got into the candy bowl
Freddie brought a breakfast from Santa.
Powdered doughnuts, Chocolate milk, a puzzle, and a coloring book.
He even brought cupcakes and plates to eat and drink on!!! 
Makayla so excited about her breakfast


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