December 15, 2012

A day at Disney

The Elves actually brought us season passes to Disney for an early gift from Santa. We went as a family the weekend of December 8th but I am not sure where all those pictures are! The Next weekend we went for a girls day to Disney with our friends Hannah and Jen! We had a great day "Baby free" as the girls kept saying! I have to admit it was nice being able to just walk around without worrying about a stroller, changing diapers, or someone needing milk! 

We had a great day!!!
The Castle!

Makayla and Hannah on the Tea cups

So excited to have a "GIRLS ONLY" day

The Mommies! 

Best Buddies

Playing Simon Says waiting for the parade!

We had such a fun day just the girls! Both girls had great behavior and got along excellent! This might become an annual event! 

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