April 19, 2012

Fresh Beat Band

Steve and I surprised Makayla with a date night for Big Girls ONLY!  It was just Steve, Myself, and Makayla. Jackson had to stay home with Gom! She thought we were just going to a fancy dinner! Little did she know back in November we bought her tickets to the FRESH BEAT BAND! Her favorite tv show! 
Here is the video of when we told her where we were really going! 

all of the above photos were at dinner

waiting for the concert to start

this is how close we were to the stage (I took this from my seat)

So excited


a little song from the fresh beat band


Touching Kiki her favorite! 

After Party

She even got to meet the Fresh Beats! What an amazing night for Makayla!
I feel so blessed that we were able to do this for her. She has not stopped thanking us for taking her. This truly was a dream come true for her!

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