April 6, 2012

Family night away!

Steve had a really crazy month at work the month of March so when April 1st rolled around and her was able to take a fews days off we decided we needed some family time together! We packed up and Drove all the way to Innisbrook (15 minutes away) for a 2 day get away full of Sun and Fun!

As soon as we got to the hotel Makayla wanted her bathing suit on and was ready for the pool

Makayla and steve spent the afternoon splashing in the pool while Jackson joined my for a little pampering while I got a pedicure! 
We met back up for dinner and had a nice relaxing dinner overlooking the golf course. That night we all got into bed early and cuddled while we watched a movie and Laughed with each other. It was nice to just relax and enjoy the time together.

The next morning we ordered room service which Makayla thought was the coolest thing EVER. She has never stayed in a hotel nor has she ever had room service.
She got a HUGE plate of blueberry pancakes. 

Jackson wondering where his breakfast is

 After breakfast we headed for the pool.
We spent the entire day relaxing and splashing in the pool. There was 2 water slides that Makayla loved and the beach style pool was fabulous!

Jackson sleeping in the shade

M spent her entire day in this pool

Jackson joined in the pool fun too!

It was the perfect day! We can't wait to go back!

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