August 18, 2012

Good bye summer 2012

This summer was like no other! It was my first summer as a mom of 2.  The thought of staying home all day with both kids scared me to death 3 months ago. Surprisingly enough the days past so quickly and we had so much fun. In the beginning of the summer we spent almost every morning at our friends Kasie's working on letters and enjoying fun "learning" activities.  We did things like bug hunts, finger painting, made ocean bottles, glued together tissue paper rainbows, spent many hours running through the sprinklers and diving into waterbeads.  We made it to the free movies withe girls, gator freds for a birthday party, and the spray park! Makayla turned 4, Jackson made his first finger foot painting and I realized boys are SO different from girls! 

The "gang" outside of Gator Fred's
4 year and 6 month check ups

Teddy Bear Picnic

Painting "Cars" for the drive in movie 

Making her tissue paper rainbow


Movie day with the girls 

Summer Fun Day

"Umbrella Day"

Dino Dig

"Bug Day" looking for bugs

Christmas in July  

Water Beads on "Ocean Day"

Wacky miss match day

butterfly day

Root Beer Floats


Drive in movie

Nature trail 

Inside Picnic

Makayla starts VPK on Monday! I am so excited for her to be going to a new school and to meet new friends! But to be honest I am going to miss her being home all day.  Her witty sense of humor cracks me up. Jackson just adores her and looks for her when she isn't in the room. 

I am looking forward to spending a few hours a day just Jackson and I so we can get some good Mommy and son time! 

I'm hoping for a great start to a new school year and I am more then ready for the fall to be here with it's cool breezes and open windows! 

I posted a few other summer recaps below and I also updates the kids albums in the right side column at the bottom.  Take a look if you have time!

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