August 18, 2012

Summer trips 2012

WARNING! This is a long post with lots of photos! 
This summer we were fortunate enough to take a few trips and spend some good family time together! We visited the the Omni in Orlando and took full advantage of the pool and lazy river.  Makayla and Jackson both love the water and the sun! Steve's hours increased at work since he became a manager so when we get time with him we try and take full advantage of him and get away! 

M and I at the Omni

M and Daddy

Chilling in the shade

M and Daddy in the pool

Ready for the lazy river
We also took a weekend and went up to Georgia to visit my Dad! We had a wonderful time. We went to stone mountain, Cabbage patch babyland nursery, and grilled out for Father's day! It was so nice to be able to spend a few days with my Dad. Makayla adores him and can't get enough!

Jackson and I getting ready for the laser light show

Makayla, myself, and Jackson

Jackson, PawPaw, and Makayla

 The last weekend in July we went back to the Omni for My mom and sister's birthday. My sister's childhood best friend met us there and we all had an amazing time. We ended the weekend with a yummy dinner at Zen and a walk around the hotel!

Makayla, Jenn (my sister), Me, Jackson

Clinton and Makayla became such good friends

Clinton, Alicia, Makayla, Jenn, Jackson, Me, Mom

Dancing and being crazy

Posing in the chairs in the lobby!

View from our room! Lazy river on the left, adult pool on the right!

Jackson and I relaxing by the pool

Taking a break

The pool wares a girl out!

Trying to keep cool by the pool


Fun day in the sun!
We had an amazing summer spending our days splashing in the pool, spending time with friends and family, and enjoying being a family of 4!

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