April 30, 2013

April Catch up

April was fun month….we spent a lot of time outside and took at trip to Louisiana. I once again summed it up in pictures. I promise once I get to May I will keep up! We have just been so busy it's hard to find the time to blog! 

Makayla in her soccer outfit! I LOVE IT

Jackson says "How do you wear your pizza"?

I think we spent every afternoon of March and April either at the Park or outside Sidewalk chalking! 

Watching a movie together! Don't let this fool you…it didn't last long.

Makayla and Caroline 

We took a tip to Louisiana but that trip will have its own post! 

I love catching them sitting still….

Poor baby wasn't feeling well, what's better then a nap on Mommy!

Playing in the back yard

Thrasher's baseball game with friends from school

The start of my birthday week! My mom, sister, makayla and I all went together to get pedicures! This was a great day! 

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