April 23, 2013

Our trip to Louisiana

Makayla, Jackson, my mom and I  recently took a trip to Louisiana to visit our family . This was Makayla's second plane trip and Jackson's first! We had such a wonderful time seeing and visiting everyone!!! We left VERY early on a Wednesday morning and I have to say both kids were AWESOME on the plane rides there. 

This is Makayla and I the morning we left! 
We got to the airport a little early so we had time to play on the little area they have for kids! I must say this is the best idea EVER!!!! The kids had their own area to run and play while we waited and they didn't have to bother all those traveling business people who the last thing they wanted to hear was kids running around! 

We even made a new friend Christine and watched the  other airplanes come and go! This was Jackson's favorite part.
When we first sat down on the plane! I was thinking it was going to be the longest hour and half to Atlanta EVER. But as soon as the plane started moving Jackson was fine, he ate a snack, played on the ipad for a little bit and fell asleep. He stayed asleep while we switched planes in Atlanta and slept for the entire hour of the next flight into Baton Rouge.  
Makayla was GREAT on the flights, she sat with my mom watched movies on the ipad and didn't complain a bit! I could not have asked for a better behaved child then she was that day!!! 
Once we got to Louisiana we got settled in, did a little grocery shopping for the week and  visited with my cousin Melissa and Aunt Becky who came to pick us up from the Airport. It felt so good to be around family. My kids loved meeting everyone and everyone loved the kids! It was such a nice feeling!  
My cousin Melissa watches a little boy named Hank. Makayla fell in love with Hank and was super helpful. She spent her entire day helping Melissa with Hank. 
Jackson and GiGi looking at the ducks! 
Makayla and Lila 
On Thursday evening we met up with one of my Dad's cousins and there family. Aunt Iris and Uncle Drew have 2 Daughters Brooke and Brittany. Brooke has a little girl named Izzy who is almost 4  and son Landon who is 5 weeks older then Jackson! All of our kids got along GREAT. It was so awesome to be around family with such open arms.
We could not have asked for a better visit except that it could have been longer! 
Jackson and Landon….I took like 10 pictures and neither of the boys were looking at the same time. 
Makayla and Lila Garage Boating at Aunt Mickey's

On Friday we headed into Bunkie for the night. We stayed with my Cousin Peter and his Wife Brooke they have 2 sons Luke and Tucker. Makayla and Luke are just a few months apart. They have met one time before when they were 1  and they have facetimed a times, but the moment they saw each other they were inseparable. It was so cute. They played outside for hours together, winded down with a movie and fell asleep!  
Sleeping like babies! How sweet!

The next morning was the big fair for the Catholic school all the kids go to in Bunkie! What a fun day! The kids rode rides, played games, ate snowcones, and laughed until their bellies hurt. I think we got tot he fair at 9:30 and didn't leave until 6:00.  
Balloon launch to start the fair!

Best Buddies

Eating snowcones on the train ride
"locked in Jail"

Luke riding the bull! He did GREAT


Eating Crawfish 

My cousin Melissa and I
My mom and her 4 beautiful sister. 
On Sunday we were back in Baton Rouge. Aunt Mickey planned  an amazing crawfish boil for our last day! My cousin Michael did an amazing job boiling the crawfish for us! 

Jackson helping Michael clean the crawfish
This was one of the best days I have had in a long time. I only wish I had taken more pictures but my hands were pretty covered in Crawfish…5 women ate almost 70lbs of crawfish so needless to say we had a day full of eating, drinking, laughing, more laughing, and enjoying each other!!!! Thinking of this day makes me miss being around my family so much!
We ended the day over at Shelby's (Lila's mom) with all the kids jumping on a bounce house, running with bare feet, blowing bubbles and giggling like little monkeys. 

Jackson driving the golf cart

He HATED riding Michael's horse! 
Monday it was time to fly home. We booked evening flights thinking the kids could eat, relax and watch a movie, and hopefully fall asleep. Oh man was I wrong!!! We left for the airport around 4:30pm our flight was for around 6:00pm they were both ok when we arrived at the airport  but by the time we got on the plane they were both DONE!!! I will never do evening/night flights again. They both ate a little but Jackson mostly screamed or fought to escape my arms the ENTIRE first flight and the first 20 minutes of the second flight. He finally calmed down enough to fall asleep around 10:00pm. We landed around 11:30 and headed for home. I think it took both kids 2 days to recover from the late night. We were happy to be home but sad to leave our family who we just don't see often enough.
Makayla and I at the Baton Rouge airport 
Jackson and I ready to head home….look at that face he was not happy! 
We had such an amazing trip. Both kids were great the entire time minus the last two flights, we loved being around so much family. My only complaint is it wasn't long enough and I didn't take enough pictures.

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