July 6, 2013

FIVE, 5, FIVE…..

5 REALLY? How did that happen so fast. The sweet little girl that made me a Mommy is 5!!! 
Makayla you are such a strong, opinionated, loving, passionate, smart, young girl. Not a day goes by that you don't test my will, but I love that about you. You like things the way you like them, you are giving and kind, and sweet. You love your brother with all your heart. You are so wise beyond your years in so many ways, yet you still have so much to learn. You are perfect the way you are, and I love you! Walk everyday like you own it, and you will go wherever your heart takes you!!! You are going places girl, move those mountains and never let anyone get in your way~~~ 
Nothing better then waking up to a visit from the Birthday fairy!!!! 

She couldn't wait to show Jackson
Jumping into the balloons 

We sing Happy Birthday with a candle at every meal! 
Later that afternoon we had Makayla's party. This year was supposed to be a small little girls only Rainbow slip and slide party in our back yard. I wanted to keep it small and super fun. A few girls turned into 16 kids and one of the best parties Makayla has ever had. It was simple, small, and colorful! All the kids had a blast we had a slip-n-slide, to kiddie pools, a water table filled with water beads, and just some good old backyard FUN!!!! 
The Birthday girl 

The favors…personalized buckets filled with all kind of summer fun stuff! 

I tried to put little colorful accents all over the house! I thought these were really fun.

Balloons, Balloons, Balloons 

A rainbow pathway to the back yard! 

Bubbles & Water beads 

Water Balloon fight 

Jackson played with the water beads the entire time! 


The beautiful Mmmm Delicious Cupcakes 

Waiting for the cupcakes! 

Makayla and Patrick 

Opening gifts 

After everyone left Shea, and Abby got to spend the night! The girls stayed up so late giggling, playing dolls, and watching TV. I loved the sound coming from my living room that night! 

Makayla and Caroline Abbott! 

The girls watching a movie! 

The next morning I had 3 little bugs in my bed! 

Makayla bought an IPAD Mini with her birthday money!  I love it because now Mommy doesn't have to share

Makayla and Caroline Match! I think Caroline got more new stuff then Makayla did.

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