August 5, 2013

Mountain Adventure Day 1 & 2

It's not very often Steve takes vacation time from work, but this year we decided we wanted to get away as a family for more then just a night or two. We wanted a real week long family vacation. When we first started talking about where to go we had decided on the beach, it was close, easy, and we knew the kids would have fun. Steve came home one night and said, "let's go to the mountains"  We searched and searched on what mountains to visit in what state and where to stay and what to do. We finally decided on The Blue Ridge Mountains in North Georgia! We chose a cabin named Amazing Grace, and WOW and an amazing adventure we had. We left late one Sunday night and drove a little over half way until we stopped for the night, got a few hours sleep and we were back on the road by 7:00am. After many hours in the car we arrived at our home for the next 7 days high in the mountains. 

Makayla brought her best friend Hannah along for the trip. (Best idea ever) The kids were great in the car and the entire time we were in Ga. 
We had so many adventures this trip I had to break it up by days. 

Our view from inside the cabin! Breath taking 

Jackson and I on the day we arrived 
The kids loved being above the trees 

So happy to be out of the car! 
The sweet little town of Blue Ridge, Ga
The first day we arrived we unpacked, went grocery shopping, got a lay of the land, relaxed and enjoyed the view. 
Day 2
We booked a trip on the Blue Ridge Express. We thought the kids would love a train ride into Tn. 
We sat in an open train car, the kids loved the wind, and all the sights there was to see. We saw old buildings and barns, rivers, rocks, old train cars, lots of trees and grass. The girls actually really enjoyed it. Jackson was a little freaked out by the REALLY LOUD horn but he got used to it after about the 8th time. The ride was about an hour each way and we stayed in McCaysville for about 2 hours. We packed a lunch and had a picnic. The town of McCaysville was pretty run down with not much to see but we got to feed the duck and walk around, we headed back to the train a little early and the kids loved walking through all the different train cars and pretending they were on the Polar Express.  Defiantly a must do if you are ever in Blue Ridge! 

Ready to ride the rails! 
The conductor punched the tickets! How Cool

Very unsure 

My babes 

Hannah and Makayla 

Pulling out of the station! 

Playing around waiting to head home 
He loved playing on the seats of the inside car

Traveling home 

The best view of the train in motion 

He fell asleep on the way home! So sweet I'll take all the cuddles I can get
After the ride Hannah and Steve went to check out the main car that drives the train! 

I stayed back with my sleeping babies! All the fresh air made them tired 

Though everyone perked up for Ice-cream after! 

When we got back to the cabin the kids enjoyed the view and playing outside with silly string and rocks! Oh the simple things in life.  
Mommy and Daddy enjoyed the view also!

Stayed tuned for day 3…...

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