September 9, 2009

"Fish are friends not food"

Every Sunday we try to have a family day just the 3 of us. With me working Steve stays home with Makayla on Thursdays so Sunday is the only say all 3 of us have together. We have been trying to find fun and exciting things to do.

A few Sundays ago we took a trip to the Florida Aquarium. Makayla had a wonderful time and got so excited to see everything. She is saying so many words but one that she loves to say (and we love to hear) is "ish" fish. Needless to say at the aquarium we got to hear it a lot along with duck and "quack quack".
Getting ready to go!

Looking at the gators!

"Mama did you see those Gators?"

"ish" "ish"

"quack" "quack"

Looking the BIG fish with Daddy


Mommy and M

Look Daddy "ish"
Hanging out after lunch

Thanks for checking in. Do you have any ideas for a good family day? We like cheap! I have a few other updates coming in the next few days. This last Sunday we went down to Clearwater beach to play on the playground and in the sand. Yesterday we went with some of our playgroup friends to the zoo, and I have a few pictures from this summer that didn't make it but are worth seeing. I will also give more updates on M in the next few post.


  1. How fun! M is so cute. It looks like you all had a blast.

  2. We like cheap too. You live in Florida-go to the beach!


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