September 10, 2009

Playing at the Park

First can I just say this is my new favorite picture.

As summer comes to an end and hopefully cooler days are near we are spending more time outside and enjoying the beautiful Florida sunshine. This past Sunday we took a drive down to Clearwater beach to walk around and play in the sand for a little bit. They have a really nice covered playground and fun activities for kids.
Have I mentioned Makayla is a climber? She climbs on everything! So we try to do things to let her use all her new skills. She really enjoys a place where she gets to run free and climb and slide all on her own without me telling her to "get down" or "No running on the couch" (our daily fights).
So to the playground we went.
Sliding with Nenny.

Check out her face. She loves it.

She is still not sure if she likes the sand.

Looking through the hole.

I see you Daddy.

Mom I don't have time for pictures I am busy.

Time to go home!


  1. I love the covered play area. Little M looks like she was having lots of fun.

  2. She is growing up so fast....i wouldn't miss watching her grow up for anything...she brings so much joy into our lives...I can't imagine missing out being a part of her life.

  3. she is sooooo cute! seriously adorable!!


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