February 25, 2010

Happy Birthday Steve

Steve turned 31 this year!!!! Though last year he got to spend his birthday turning 30 in the Bahamas this year was fun but a little different! He said turning 31 was hard and alot worse then turning 30!
I got him the cake he asked for...yellow cake with chocolate ganache frosting. Ohh it was good!
We went a Japanese steak house with a few friends and family
Makayla LOVED watching the chef cook our food
and she ate like a champ
My mom and Kevin
Our good friends Don and Robin
and our other good friends Ryan, Jen, and Hannah..
Makayla even helped Daddy blow out the candles,
and she sang Happy Birthday! (thanks to Nenny!)
Even though it was a tough day for Steve I think he had a good day!!! Happy Birthday Steve!!!


  1. that cake looks AMAZING!!!! happy birthday steve!

  2. I can't imagine turning 31. I know it's not old but I am with Steve on this one. Luckly I have a couple years:) The cake looks yummy and so does the food. Steve is lucky to have you as a wife Sheryl. Making his day extra special.


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