February 4, 2010

Simple Pleasures

I have seen this on a few blogs and thought it would be a fun idea. Feel free to do it on your blog or facebook page as well.
List 20 simple pleasures that make you smile. Little things in life that make you happy or your bad day better. Life is so short and we sometimes rush through it. What makes you stop and say " ahhh this is what makes it all worth it"?

1: Hearing the words "Mama", and "love you" from M
2: The way people smile at Makayla when she waves HI to everybody
3: Kisses from Steve
4: cuddling with Molly
5: The big hug I get every morning from M
6: Fresh Clean sheets
7: When steve unloads the dishwasher or folds a load of clothes
8: Days on the boat
9: Sleeping in
10: watching steve and makayla laugh together
11: The smell and sound of a newborn
12: talking with Friends
13: New colored pen or markers
14: Lunch with the "girls" My mom, sister,M and I.
15: watching Makayla dance!
16: crying at good book or movie
17: Making a meal that everyone LOVES
18: being with family
19: Playing at the park
20: the warmth of the sun through the car window, or sleeping in the warmth of the sun through the car window..I have taken some good naps like that!

So those are just a few of the things that make me smile! What makes you happy? I would love to know. Either leave a comment or the link to your blog of facebook here so we can all read.
Ohh and don't forget to smile at someone today, who knows you might be there Simple Pleasure for the day.

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