May 30, 2010

Introducing Princess

I cannot believe I forgot to post this!!! Back in February we went to the Strawberry festival one Sunday. It was hot and crowed and no one really had much fun. Makayla was not feeling well and we didn't stay long. We did however stay long enough for me to play a game of "toss the ball" and guess what I won????

Yep a Goldfish!!! Can you believe it, I couldn't. Makayla was so excited when she saw it and couldn't stop talking to it. On the way home we started talking about a name for our fish and I wanted Strawberry or Nemo but Makayla insisted on Princess! We stopped on the way home and Steve ran into pet smart for a fish bowl (she couldn't live in the bag forever) I said just get the cheapest bowl they have this thing is never going to live very long. He comes out with this Macdaddy fish take costing $30.00.
We got home filled it with water and put Princess in her new home. We have taught Makayla how to feed the fish and she tries to help with cleaning the tank. Princess is doing very well and to my surprise still alive! She has more then doubled in size and has become a very pretty bright orange.
Makayla wakes up every morning and says hello to her and gives her a pinch of food. She says good night and I love you before bed. Princess always swims right up to the glass when she see Makayla it's really cute.
So 3 months later Princess is still kicking and doing well. She has really become a part of the family or at least a part of our daily routine. I even had to have our friend come and feed her when we were out of town earlier this month. Welcome to the family Princess! We are glad to have you!!!

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  1. Princess has a pretty nice castle to live in! so glad M loves her :)


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