May 17, 2010

Random things and a Makayla update

I feel like we have been so busy lately. We spend most of our days either at the pool or the splash park, or picnicking with friends. Some days we spend at home playing Babies or with her new castle but I feel like the time is flying by. We spend our evenings enjoying the late sunset and cool air. Every evening we have been going for a bike ride or a walk and then coming home and playing outside until well after dark. I remember these evenings as child just playing outside until you just couldn't go anymore. I love that in the days of so much TV and Computers she is still experiencing this and loving it.

I am also starting to plan Miss M's 2nd birthday party! Can you believe she is going to be 2? It feels like just yesterday I was swaddling a new born up and watching her sleep! Time is flying by way to quickly and doesn't show signs of stopping. We have something on the calendar every weekend for the next 2 months I guess thats what summer is all about.

Makayla is talking like crazy. There is not much she doesn't say and many things I wish she wouldn't say, but she is learning quickly what she can and can't shouldn't say. She is doing great at potty training I would say she is about 95% there and is doing wonderful in her big girl bed. Her bottom eye teeth have FINALLY popped through and now we are just waiting on the top ones and we should be done with teeth for a while! I HOPE! Her and Molly are not getting along any better in fact there relationship is growing further apart as Makayla gets faster and more adamant about "loving" on her. But I did walk into the living room to find this the other day.
I had to get a picture because this is highly unusual. Deep down I think Molly really loves her she is just afraid to admit it.

As for Steve and I we have just been busy with work. I am working a few more hours a week and he is working all the time but sales are up a little so what more can you ask for. We are really enjoying Makayla at this least most days. Did I mention the terrible two's have started? We are hoping they leave soon! When she is in a good mood she is wonderful!!!
That's all for now. I promise to try to make an effort to update more often it's just a little hard when we don't come in from outside until 8:30! But heck it's summer here in Florida!!!!

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