May 28, 2010

My super Chef

Making dinner time has always been a hard time for Makayla. Even as a baby when I would get up to make dinner it always seemed to be her fussiest hour of the day. When she became a walker she was always emptying the Tupperware cabinet or getting into trouble right when I was in the middle of cooking. These days she stands around my whining and crying that she wants cheese or she is ready to eat. My solution...get her involved!!!

Though our 30 minute meal took 45 minutes it was so much fun and Makayla loved it. We made beef and Broccoli. I let Miss M whisk and stir, break up all the broccoli and mix everything together. She did everything but the cutting and the hot stuff.
stir stir stir
Tasting a raw onion she though was an apple
Here is the finished project
Eating her meal, She ate a lot that night!!!
I even let her help clean the dishes which she had a grand time doing. Anything that involves water she likes to be a part of. I put soap on the rag and she scrubbed. It might take an extra 20 minutes to get dinner cooked or the kitchen cleaned but we had a great time together and made lots of fun memories. I would trade for the world!!!
I love that Makayla loves to help. I was folding laundry the other night and she helped put it all away and even returned the laundry basket to the laundry room by herself. She helps unload the groceries when we get home from the store, and helps to put the dishes away when I unload the dishwasher! All I can hope for is that her helpfulness carries on to her teen years.


  1. Maybe you can turn her into a laundry fairy...LMAO

  2. she looks so much bigger all of a sudden! what a big girl helper :)

  3. I love having Ella help me too! It makes cooking so much more fun.

  4. I need to borrow her. Maybe she can make me a great meal and help clean up,hehe!


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