September 19, 2010

Meeting her Idol

Our last trip to Disney Makayla got to meet her idol! She only got 5 minutes with her but she talked about everything she could in that 5 minutes. It was so sweet. I guess her meeting Snow white would be like us meeting our favorite actor or actress. Watching Makayla's face light up every time she meets the Princesses at Disney will never get old!
More pictures to come soon

Makayla also got to ride a horse! It had to be a white one just the Snow White and Cinderella Ride. Ohh to be 2 again


  1. oh she looks like she's in heaven!!!! how cute.

  2. SO cute!! She loves her princesses!

  3. Adorable!! Snow White was one of my faves, but Sleeping Beauty was my absolute favorite!!


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