September 21, 2010

5 adults, 1 toddler, 4dogs and 1 RV

As most of you know these days we take most of our family trips in the RV. For us it is a very cost effect way to travel. All together we have 4 dogs, which can be alot to travel with, A toddler which requires alot of things and 5 adults would need more then 1 car to get from point A to point B. RV travel suits us well. I thought I would share how we all travel.

It's a good trip when Makayla naps!
The puppies love to travel in there crate
Steve always gets to Drive
Granda is a great co-pilot
Mom sits at the table with...
and I share the couch with Makayla
Occupying Makayla by taking pictures
We have had great adventures in the RV. It is a fabulous way for a large family to travel. It can be a little tight once everyone pulls out all there stuff, but we have a great time not only in the destination but also the adventure it takes to get there. Maybe next time i'll photograph our sleeping arrangements!!!


  1. Awesome! I liked seeing these photos. Looks like a lot of fun to travel with you guys.

  2. Nothing like making family trips fun but bunking up! Fun:)

  3. Hello Sheryl & Steve,
    I also rv along with 3 dogs, two grown kids & friends & husband too. We have a toy hauler and love it. Our biggest trip was out west this summer. I started a blog about my travels. Our biggest trip was out west,July of this year.
    I am always looking for travel information. Just wondering where you went & which campground you stayed at and how would you rate it?

  4. Nothing is more special than these times...It does keep me young. (although i would love to graduate to the couch to travel ..just one time..)LOL


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