November 30, 2012

Where did November Go???

November was a very busy month for our family in fact I am not even really sure where it went. So I'm going to sum up November is photos! Here go's….

November 3rd

We visited what was supposed to be this fabulous farm and turned out to be a few animals at someones property, but non the less the girls had fun and got to ride a pony, paint a horse shoe, and Makayla got to hold a RAT!!! Which she was fine with until the goat bit her shirt and she almost lost her mind! It was a fun day though!

We have been trying to have lots of family fun night where we play game, watch movie, and just hang out just the 4 of us. This was the first time Jackson got to join, though he didn't last very long. 

Jackson in time out! He doesn't stay or get much from it, it is however very funny to see him on this stool!

November 6th 
Jackson and I voted! We were very sad to see Mitt loose but it still felt good to put in our vote! 

November 10th
Makayla had her first camping trip without Mommy or Daddy. It was just her Gom and Crappa. She had a great time, she got to help build the camp fire, collect acorns, and play in the dirt! Besides the splinter she had we she returned she had the best time!

November 11th
We set up & decorated out christmas trees. Since we go away for Thanksgiving I decided to surprise everyone with a little early Thanksgiving dinner. But I must have been so busy I forgot to take pictures. I set a beautiful table and made a Turkey and a few sides! We all said what we were thankful for and enjoyed a really nice family dinner.

November 13th
Jackson turned 10 months! See he is say 10 with his hands! 

November 14th
Jackson got to ride in the Publix cart car for the first time. I NEVER use these carts because thinking of all the germs that they contain just gross me out. But I only needed a few things and my sanity trumped germs that day! Makayla and Jackson LOVED it and my shopping trip was surprisingly quick and easy.  We might be doing this again!

November 15th 
Jackson had the biggest poop blow out ever! There was poop from his head to his toes and he just happen to be in his car seat. I wasn't really sure where to even begin to start with the cleaning so I just brought him and the carseat inside all at once. He may or may not have sat there for 5 or so minutes until I could come up with a game plan. I'm happy to report Boy and car seat are both clean and smelling fresh!

November 16th
Makayla was a indian princess for her Thanksgiving prayer service. I have tons of pictures but my camera died and I can't get the pictures off right now. She did fabulous though. She sang all the songs and loud enough for me and EVERYONE else to hear! I could not have been prouder of my sweet little indian princess! 

November 17th
Makayla had her first friend sleep over with Hannah. We ordered pizza, played games, and watched a movie. The girls had a fabulous time. I cannot believe they are old enough for sleep overs already!

November 19th
Makayla and Jackson are really starting to play together. I thought this picture was to funny not to share!

November 24th
Another family fun night! In the top picture we are playing guess who. It was my favorite game as a child and now it's Makayla's favorite too. She is so good at it now she doesn't even need help. We were also playing airplane in the bottom picture. Good old fashion fun! 

I guess that sums up our November. Nothing to exciting just lots of life going on. 


  1. OMG I am LOL at JT's poop incident! Too funny. Isn't it crazy how much time flies when you have TWO to take care of? Everyday is a blessing and it seems you are enjoying every second:)

  2. girls there is room for me in bed with you we won't get sleep but I will make your little pussy's sing but first I want to watch you take each other's panties off and lick each other


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