January 13, 2013

Jackson turns 1

What a day! Jackson turns 1! I wanted his 1st birthday to be perfect for him! Makayla always has a big pool party for her birthdays and I was so excited to finally get to plan a party where I didn't have to worry about the hot Florida temperatures. So the Park it was!! Only is was a record breaking 84 degrees out. We made the best of it and it turned out to be a beautiful day.

I always hate planning birthday parties on a Sunday as I hate to interrupt people on a Sunday but I think everyone had a fun time and got to play and enjoy there day with there family and ours!!! I know we all had a great time. I am so thankful for all the friends and family we have here that we get to share our special days with.

The Birthday boy
He was napping on Daddy when we arrived! 

Mini Cupcakes in Cotton Candy, red velvet, Blueberry white chocolate,vanilla with chocolate and chocolate with vanilla! I handmade all the white chocolate anchors for the top of the cupcakes! 

Fruit cups filled with strawberries and blueberries
Uncrustables, chicken nuggets, goldfish, and peanutbutter filled pretzels 

Goldfish and preztels

Drink buckets full of water, teas and lemonades 

Jackson's smash cake! I made it myself!!! I am so happy with 


I saw a hat like this on Etsy and fell in love with it but is was $35.00 CRAZY! I made this one for $3.00 and love it even more! 
Mommy and her birthday boy

Is this for me?
Nenny and Jackson! 

The 1st birthday is really all about the smash cake! Jackson was a little confused as to why everyone was looking at him and singing but he liked it! 
It took him a little bit to get stated but once he did….

He couldn't get enough! He loved it. He was shoving it in like I've never seen! He did one of the best 1st birthday smash cake eatings I have seen yet! 
Poor Cake! 

Walking around! 
The birthday photo banner I made. A photo from each month. It's really amazing how fast time goes by!

Cason and Colton enjoying the party pinwheels 


Time for lunch


Kendra and Makayla 


Miles swinging


Me and my birthday boy!


Jackson and Uncle Don


Sliding with Daddy


Walking with the girls
Brooklyn playing in the water

baby Rocco 
I have always wanted to put together a candy table! I thought it turned out great! I was very proud of it! 

Blue M&M's and sour cherry balls
Sharks, Aqua M&M's, Swedish fish, twizzlers, chocolate covered blueberries 

Chocolate covered cherries

I hope everyone enjoyed it! 
I know the kids had a great time filling there bags full of goodies 

We had such a great day with our friends and family. I think Jackson truly enjoyed his day. 

My kids birthdays are a lot of work but I want them to feel special on there day! Life can be so short I want to make the best of every moment we have together. This day is one I will always remember! It was the last first birthday I will ever be throwing! I hope everyone enjoyed the day as much as we did.

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