January 12, 2014

A weekend away!

This year I really went back and forth on wether or not to give Jackson a big party. Then I decided why not, you only turn 2 once so I booked the park and started planning.  Steve came home and said I booked the campground we are going away to Disney for Jackson's birthday! Party plans stopped and Disney planning started!!! To be honest I really just didn't feel like he "needed" the big party this year so I was kind of relieved! Matt, Emily and Ben were coming with us. It was Ben's first time at Disney and Emily hasn't been in years!!!! We also brought Ashley along to help with the kids (really to help the parents) She was a huge help! It is always nice to have an extra hand! Also we were able to sneak away to a nice dinner on Saturday evening. It was such a great trip, a day of Disney for the kids, a day of relaxing and enjoying the camp ground, an adult evening out, and a peaceful ride home!!! Everyone was happy! 

I know that most people think Disney is high stress, or "to much work" but as a family we love it! Our kids love it! We make our Disney days about the kids and enjoy every moment when we are there and when they start melting down as all kids do we gracefully call it a day!!! 
The early risers exploring the camp ground! 
Look at the excitement on those faces! It was our first ride of the day!!!! 
Stitch is one silly guy! 
Ashley and Makayla wait to ride Dumbo
Donald still the only character Jackson with go near!!! 

Makayla loves her some Minnie 
Love when this happens 
Makayla loved having Ashely with her! 

I love this picture of Makayla and Ben in front of the castle 
Best photo bomb 
The kids really did have a great day but this picture from the end of the day is classic!  I think this might go down as my all time favorite photo from Disney
Makayla and "her horse" Binge  she has had her picture with him for the past few years! She really thinks this is HER horse! 

Playing on the playground!

Our dinner date out at California grill! The last few years Steve and I have enjoyed out anniversary dinner here but last year in was closed for a remodel. They have made some beautiful changes. We enjoyed a rooftop fireworks display and an awesome dinner the company wasn't bad either!!! 
enjoying the fireworks and a view of the castle
Matt and Emily
Lifelong friends

Steve and I

The last day my boy will be 1

Sunday morning the last time I can say my boy is 1! This is the last day I will have a one year old, he will always be my baby but he is growing up so fast! He wakes up tomorrow as a 2 year old!!!! This mom is having a rough time with it this year!

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