January 13, 2014

Happy 2nd Birthday Jackson

Jackson Thomas you turn 2 today! 
I still cannot believe it! You are the boy that made our family complete.  2 years and 9 months ago when I found out I was pregnant I was surprised, excited, and from day one I could not wait to meet you. You have changed our family and me in so many way but all for the better. 
A few of the things I have learned from you….is to SLOW down! You like to take your time and walk on the curbs, look at the cars passing, point out the trucks and even on days when we may not really have the time I make the time, because you not only demand it but deserve it! I've learned that raising a boy is WAY different then raising a girl. I've learned that there is room in a persons heart for many types of love! It is true you love each of your children differently! 

Things about you at 2! 
You love: 
Motorcycles (Pa's), trucks, cars, Daddy, Mickey Mouse, Nemo, Woody, the Ipad, throwing food, spitting, being outside, the RV, driving cars
Your favorite foods: fried rice, fish, soup, french fries, pirates booty, apples, cheese, apple sauce, cookies & sweets,  and DIP you love to Dip 
You are talking like crazy, and you like to play alone most of the time. 
You are strong willed and demanding.
You like kicking and throwing balls.
You hit and bite way more then you should (we are working on this)
You are cautious and daring at the same time! 
You are a perfect fit to this family and we love you! 

You don't like:
long sleeve shirts or jackets, or shirts without motorcycles on them
Vegetables (except carrots, peas, corn)
hights,  feeling unstable, straddling horses or rides at the mall, loud noises, sharing your toys, sleeping in your own bed, naps, sleeping through the night….really just sleeping at all.
You hate when people leave you always want to go!
Being told NO
You are strong willed and demanding! You know what you want and you want it that way. 
You keep me VERY busy, and on my toes. You make messes and are into everything. There are many days I wonder what you are thinking and why you do the things you do, I may never know but I love you just the way you are, Bad ass and everything!!!! 

Jackson (Jt, bubba J, bubbaghanoush, BOY, JACKSON THOMAS) You are one of a kind, funny, crazy, silly, smart, mean at times, lovable, and perfect!  I hope you had a wonderful day and felt the love from your family. We love you kid to the moon and back! 

The birthday fairy filled his room with balloons 

Sleepy face
She was so excited for him
Birthday breakfast 
Happy 2nd Birthday sweet boy
Birthday lunch
Where's Jackson?
Opening Gifts

Mommy made your favorite a Cookie cake!!! 

I hope we made your 2nd birthday special! You were spoiled with all the gifts you received from family and friends! We love you boy!!! Thanks for being YOU!

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