January 11, 2010

I Love Planning...

Menu planning is going so well for me lately. I am saving more and more at the store by having a list and knowing just what I need. It is saving close to $100 a week and I don't have to stress about whats for dinner or even think about it.

Every Sunday I sit down with my cookbooks, cooking magazines, Rachel Ray Magazines and a few other sources and plan our menu for the week. Last week was such a good menu I wanted to share it will you.

Monday: Skinny Chicken Stroganoff (PC cookbook "It's good for you")
Tuesday: Beef and Broccoli with Brown rice (RR MAG.)
Wednesday: Corn and Poblano Chowder (PC cookbook "29 minutes to dinner")
Thursday: Chicken cutlets and asparagus with Soy Dressing (Real Simple cookbook)
Friday: 30 minute chicken with Green beans and Mashed Potatoes (My Head)

My favorite was the beef and Broccoli with Brown rice so that will be tomorrows Tickle your Taste buds Tuesday! Stay tuned for the recipe it is super easy and really yummy.

This week I want to do a pantry/freezer clean out so I am planning the menu with stuff we already have at the house. (I will have to go buy a few veggies and fruit but everything else will come from the pantry or freezer. This should be the cheapest week ever. LOL

Monday: Hotdogs and fruit (total slacker dinner I know I know)
Tuesday: Cheese quesadillas with White bean chili and lime and cilantro sour cream
Wednesday: Chicken veggie bake
Thursday: Steaks and mushrooms with butternut squash raviolis
Friday: Spicy Thai Shrimp soup (PC cookbook "it's good for you")

Hope you all have a good week and HAPPY COOKING!

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