January 1, 2010

One hot mess!

I know I am a little behind with blogging so I will play catch up in the next post but we had to much fun on our detour to not post it.

On the way home from St. Augustine we (the girls) decided since Disney was on the way home and none of us had to work the next day that we would stay the night at a hotel in Disney and let the guys take the RV home. We stayed in the Disney All Star Movie Hotel. It was great. Makayla is totally into Toy Story and Woody and Buzz. We got to stay in the Toy Story area and even our room was decorated Toy Story themed. Makayla had sooo much fun!

Our room Toy Story Themed
Look at the cute flowers they set up in the window of our room.
Makayla looking at the giant Woody and Buzz
She was over whelmed and so excited.
Giant Woody

Giant Buzz
After we played around the Toy Story area we went to Hollywood Studios (MGM)for the night. They have a new Toy Story area with a ride and you get to meet Woody and Buzz.

Waiting in line to see Buzz and Woody
It was a very long line so we took lots of pictures.
We finally got to meet them. Makayla liked Woody but she was a little unsure about Buzz. To be honest he kinda freaked me out. LOL
Then we headed over to the Magic Kingdom for a few rides. It was getting pretty late but Makayla is a party girl and doesn't want to miss a thing. Give her a few snacks and she is ready to go again.

Makayla on the tea cups!
Jenn in front of the castle.
Makayla finally fell asleep but I didn't want her not to have her picture in front of the castle.
Me in front of the castle
My mom in front of the castle
We got back to the hotel around 12:00, grabbed a snack and was ready for bed. Makayla on the other hand had different plans. Because she had gotten in a nap she was ready to play. She was up until 2:00am spinning in circles and running around the room with excitement over being surrounded by Woody and Buzz.
The next day we woke up and went back to Hollywood Studios to ride the NEW toy Story ride.
Us on the bus in the morning.
Makayla getting ready to watch Play House Disney.
Makayla did not have her best day that day. She was tired from being on vacation and staying up so late the night before. She spent most of the day NOT in the stroller because she was just not having it. She screamed and complained most of the day but after a snack and a nap she was ok, though she became ONE HOT MESS by the end of the night. She had pulled her hair out and broke her rubber bands so I had to make due with what I had.

The crazy hair was just beginning.
Getting on the bus to go back to the car at the end of the night.
By the time we got back to the car her hair was out and CRAZY! She truly was ONE HOT MESS!
Makayla loves Disney so much that for christmas instead of buying gifts for each other we all bought annual passes to Disney. We are going to try to go at least every other month if not more. We already have our first trip planned for next weekend I can't wait and neither can Makayla! Hope you all had a great holiday season and a very Happy new Year!!!!

I am hoping this year is full of fun and happy times! And that is brings a lot of new and good changes for our family!

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  1. oh that looks like so much fun! her hair is hilarious :) happy new year!


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