January 18, 2010

Whats for dinner?

This weeks menu was hard. When I made it I was not hungry for anything or in the mood to cook but I powered through and got a little creative. Here is what is on the menu for this week!
(We went out to dinner twice last week so a few nights from last week got carried over to this week.)

Saturday: Steaks with mushrooms and green beans
Sunday: Ham and cheese in puff pastry with Tomato soup (food network)
Monday: Goat cheese stuffed Chicken breast wrapped in prosuitto with garlic butter rice and salad (my head)
Tuesday: Spicy Thai shrimp soup (PC Cookbook 29 min. to dinner)
Wednesday: Meat loaf with mashed potatoes and salad (my mom's head)
Thursday: Chicken noodle stir fry (PC cookbook It's good for you)
Friday: Breakfast for dinner with Eggs and biscuits and gravy (my head)

Ohh and as a side note I will NOT be eating the meat loaf just a salad that night but Steve loves meatloaf and I think Makayla will too, and since I work late on Wednesday my Mom offered to make it for them since she will be here anyway.
I have already gone to the store for the week and spent only $100 on our weekly grocery's. This menu planning really is saving us A LOT and is so much less stressful at night when it is time to decide "whats for dinner?"

What is on the menu this week in your house?

Happy Cooking!

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