August 11, 2011

April showers bring May flowers….

…and June, July and August flowers.
Back in April at school Makayla planted a tiny seed in a little cup and as it sprouted she was able to bring it home. She asked if we could start a garden. That day on the way home we stopped at Wal-mart bought a few pots, some packs of seeds, potting soil, and a watering can. 
She put in all the dirt, the seeds, and waters them everyday! 
I have been taking pictures along the way! 

April 4th The first day!

April 28th the first growth

May 10th. Plants are doing well. See the little one at the bottom that is the one from school

Here it is the one that started it all! 

May 31st the first bloom

June 12th all the plants are doing well and growing nicely 

July 3rd! The first flowers with cut and put in a vase as the center piece of the table.
Makayla is so proud of her plants. They are all growing nicely despite the heat, we get the cut flowers every few days! What a fun and easy project to do with kids!  I don't think they will survive the winter but it give us something to look forward to next Spring!

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